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Here we are Monday, we meet again with hopes of another awesome week, yes?

I'm currently on a countdown to the Summer Holidays, perks of working in education! However I have a summer job so I'm looking forward to getting my heels into that over the 2 months I'm off school.

So i'm currently attempting to gradually pick up the regularity of my content again with the hope of posting 3 times a week again! I have a whole list of opportunities coming up, reviews and so much more so you'll be dammed if you miss them!

I have had a pretty productive, positive couple of weeks pulling myself together and making the most of my evenings to catch up with the blogosphere. I'm also organising a meet up which is in a month now, which is terrifying! There's more about it below.

(side note: just realised it's been 3 weeks since I last wrote one of these so I apologise for my ability to be really unorganised)

*The Kitchen @ The Cookie, Leicester.

photo source : here

The Cookie is a pretty exciting venue in Leicester City Centre. Whilst it is a coffee shop by day, in the evening The Cookie really alive into a artsy bar with live music and comedy available too. Within The Cookie on the first floor is The Attic. Opened in June 2015, The Attic is a Cocktail and Gin Bar. There's an amazing mixture of cocktails and contemporary Gins for you to get into and is a really nice space to try something new.

The musical and visual ethos of The Cookie is reflected through every floor and it was such a lovely venue to be in.

So when I was invited along with a group of local bloggers to try out the newest additions of the summer menu I couldn't resist.

10 Places I'd Like To Visit In The UK.

This is one of those post ideas that strikes you when you least expect it and feels genius and something to be excited about.

In fact it just got me thinking about the places in my home country I need to explore and with summer holidays just a few weeks away I just hope I can explore some of these places further. 

I'd love to share my 10 PLACES I'D LIKE TO VISIT IN THE UK with you. Some of these are places I have probably visited but haven't properly digested (or I was too young to probably remember going there) 

The inner traveller in me wants to explore these places, to find the gemstones amongst our country and share it's beauty with everybody else. 

These are in no particular order.

'Lost in a Book' Tag

I was struggling for ideas on what blog post to write this weekend. I was planning to talk about my views in regards to the upcoming EU referendum on Thursday but with the news of the death of a MP I felt like I couldn't write it this weekend. I might write it before Thursday but we will see. 

Anyway who doesn't love getting into a tag blog post? especially at times of blogging blocks. I saw this 'Lost in a Book' through a Retweet account on Twitter and it sounded awesome. I'm starting to get back into reading a lot more so I thought this would be perfect to add to my motivation.

I've got a cup of tea at the ready and my current reads next to me so after this blog post is done I can hop back into reading. It's the perfect combination for Sunday's right?