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*Back to School Stationary Haul.

I think being a stationery addict is something of a requirement when you become a blogger or for me as a full-time Teaching Assistant. I absolutely love stationery and I have a habit of buying stuff which I will probably have no use of for a couple of months, trust me I have a box full of unwritten notebooks but it's just SO PRETTY and I can't help myself. 

The beginning of September comes another academic year, which means another excuse I can use to buy even more stationery. Everybody is a winner here. With that in mind I wanted to tell you all about my recent stationery haul. 

August Favourites.

Favourite videos on YouTube are some of my favourite to watch. They're great if your looking for a new make up product to buy/trial or a new Netflix series to binge on now that the evenings are drawing in (yes it's starting to get dark at 8pm and I'm not happy about it!)

I had written an instalment '10 Happy Things' on this blog for quite a considerable time, however life got in the way and my consistency was flagging to the point that writing them became a chore rather than something that was enjoyable and easy to write at the end of each week. Plus I've not been feeling my blog for a while and even taken to deleting a lot of older posts because they just irritate me.

I've decided to scrap that happy things post and think about a new instalment which could take it's place on top of my monthly reads blog post which I really enjoy writing.

I thought that instead I would use my love for favourite things videos and share with you some of my favourite things from the last month, so whether that's a book, film, make up product or even something which has happened over the month.

*Leicester Racecourse.

Horse Racing is something that I wouldn't usually consider I would go to in my lifetime. My early judgements about horse riding usually stem from the Grand National and as I don't particularly have any positive comments about that I wasn't sure what to expect from my evening spent at the Leicester Racecourse.

However, my opinions were overturned and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. After experiencing such a fun afternoon at Leicester Racecourse I would definitely go again and I would urge other people to give it a go.

Bugsy Malone, Curve Theatre, Leicester.

photography by Tom Wren. 

Bugsy Malone is a musical that instantly resonates with you to be a production full of fun and energy from the moment the curtain goes up. Curve Theatre in Leicester continues to thrive on the celebration of the local talent 'right on our doorstep' and Alan Parker's Bugsy Malone sets to be the perfect musical to showcase such talented young people. 

By creating community productions Curve 'welcomes anyone with a passion for theatre to come to Curve, work with exceptional artists and take over our stages'.  I was thrilled to see what Curve had produced with the local talent.