Hey Blog!

 As if it is the last day of Summer School, it’s come and gone so quickly! I woke up buzzing and ready to collect everything from the past 3 days and enjoy the last day full of even more food for thought.

We kick-started the final day looking at ‘Writing a Pitch for work' with Anna Leatherdale and Diane Amans. This was something that I really wanted to get my nails into, it is probably one of the most important skills and understandings to establish when thinking about creating work and beginning a project. We were guided through the importance of writing that letter to someone about a job, through to how we could write the beginnings of our own projects. I came away with some food for thought for future applications (because rejections and near hits are awful!) and I feel more equipped for sure!

We spent a lot of the rest of the day going through some of our own questions or areas we wanted to cover, which meant that everyone was able to get some really great last bit information before we ended the course! We covered things like working with teenagers, how to do a class with seated class (through a practical), does a community project have to have an end performance product?

Then that was really it, I absolutely loved these last 4 days with Diane and the girls on the course! We got a lovely certificate and a mini ribbon so I can dance around my room with it at my own leisure (don’t judge me!).. It’s made me want to continue some research, look at projects I could become involved in before I start my own and some consideration into further studies to support this development. A really wonderful course and for me suitable for those graduates who aren’t sure what they want from the dance sector but something that will reward them and challenge them! Good work FCD!

thanks for reading,