Good evening blog,

Having just completed my degree I came at a crossroads with my career or the 'next step' and how to begin working in the arts sector. With application forms filled out and coming out of my ears, the rejection emails starting to emerge in my inbox and a bit of self doubt sneaking in I need something to motivate, inspire and make me think on a creative level... so months before completeing my degree I signed up and paid to take part in the 'Introduction to Community Dance Practice' course at Foundation for Community Dance's Summer School taking place at DeMontfort University.

So July 8th crept up and I could not wait to see what the next 4 days held, as I walked into the room I was firstly drawn to the numbers of people on my course.. 5! I genuinely thought this would be a popular course and would hold a lot of people. However being so small in numbers meant the course was very intimate and we could get a lot of it individually, what we didn't have in numbers we definitely made up in our personalities!

The first day was focused on the introductions of one another as well as the course and what to expect from the week. We discussed what we hoped to gain from the course which I felt particularly for me was more on a creative level. I have felt like a lot of my creative skills suffered in my last year of my degree and have not given enough practice to my own wishes and wonders in the space..

We then moved onto looking at a introductory to exercises we could use in the community dance context and I started to think of how I could adapt this to the people that I was working with.  I really enjoyed working with these ideas, almost felt childlike and free as I danced around the space with a ribbon..  I wondered when dance had to become so serious for me? when did I stop letting it be so much fun? This element is so easily forgotton as we go through a intense dance degree..

Something which stood out from today too was that we started to discuss leadership and what kind of leader do you want to be? of which the page is blank ready for me to discuss and discover for myself!
thanks for reading,