So our second day of the course started with looking at the Context of Community Dance with Anna Leatherdale (of whom just radiates happiness!). We discussed and understood the groups that are involved with the community and in what contexts or venues? As the list was growing with our thoughts I found myself drawn to areas I hadn’t thought about before… community is such a big oyster with so many opportunities! We also where told about social issues which affect dance in the community, sometimes I think we forget as practitioners when we are wanting to think about creating work. However these can also provide stimuli for why we should create work in the community, there's so many ideas!

Moving on after tea and some biscuits we looked at Safe and Effective Practice through practical and theory with Diane Amans. We went through the important stuff that we should consider when leading dance like risk assessments it brought me back to university days with risk assessments so having some experience with this practice showed its usefulness! It was also good to go through the exercises we have been working with through the course so far and looking at how we use our knowledge of safe and effective practice to unpack those with this thought process in place.  One of the most important things which I took from this session where that the duty of care is the measures we take to keep people safe and most importantly ourselves!!

The next part of the day we had a discussion into Inclusive Behaviour with Louise Wildish. We had conversations into what disability is and then into small groups in examples of any times we have worked with a disabled person in our leading of dance. This was something I had experience of so this session was something I could really relate to and then collect things into ideas for future projects from different parts of the course already!

Everything is starting to pull together now and give me ideas for future projects I could create!

I finished my second day by attending a Optional seminar led by David Leventhal which centred on Dance for Parkinsons, in parituclar the story from over the pond in New York. It was a great window insight into a area which I had not considered to look into before or appreciate what dance can do. David gave a broad understanding of the condition itself and what that means for a person who has it. We looked into the Dance for PD concept involved which included things like:-
  • Dance can bring strength, flexibility, gait, balance
  • Music sparks (and supports) movement.
  • Imagery can help support movement to be created
  • Dancers use the whole body to express
It's the most basic things that I learnt in my development as a dancer that can really support these people (amazing right!?!) 

I was particularly drawn to two things during the seminar that where showed on the presentation...

'I don't see any reason why one should think that one form of movement is better or worse, it's what you do with it' Merce Cunningham

Possibilities not limitations 

It gave me thoughts that I myself consider when trying to show how great diversity in dance is! 

It's been another great day! 

thanks for reading,