Hey Guys!
hope you're well and had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend (despite the typical weather we had)

So I wanted to start my one of many new posts coming this week with what I was up to last week when I became a volunteer for 5 days and worked alongside SiteLine Productions Ltd at Deda in Derby on their Young Performers Summer School. As an emerging Community Dance Facilitator I am always keen to develop my skills and confidence (of which lacks, surprisingly!) in facilitating and leading my own sessions. This opportunity seemed like an opportunity which came at the correct time for me to put those fears and worries into practice!

Despite the 6am alarms every morning and squeezing in a job interview I thoroughly enjoyed the week!

The lovely Polly and Anna made us volunteers quickly become engaged and at ease with the running of the week. I could really witness things which I had taken from my course in July start to be visible in the way in which Polly and Anna ran and lead the whole week, it kept the young people particularly engaged and loud too! It also put me at ease in knowing working with those ideas can work and can be adapted if the young people do not become engaged as quickly as we had hoped. We were lucky in having a group of young people who could quickly engage with what they where being asked to do and also by giving those the opportunity to contribute their own ideas, giving them the ability to have a experience of leadership which I think is crucial on a summer school. With this in mind there was also some much needed direction needed for the young people, this enabled me to have the opportunity in understanding how to notice that and to support it whether I was leading or just supporting a session. The week also included opportunities to create things for their performance on Friday, getting stuck in was a definite must! (especially with a bin bag on and getting paint on my trousers is all in the fun). I really feel like creating things makes the young people have memories from the week and also can engage young people who necessarily do not enjoy the more dancing,singing,acting side (because let's face it, it can happen!)

As volunteers we also had the small opportunity to lead a game which for me was a opportunity I would not have led slip before the end of the week! Especially with my new role coming round in 2 weeks I wanted a bit of practice in leading a small session. 

The week left me drained, full of a cold but full of confidence and optimism ahead of leading my own sessions from September. Thankyou to the lovely staff at Deda for the opportunity to volunteer and to Polly and Anna for giving me the confidence to take it forward. I really hope I am able to work alongside them again in the future!
thanks for reading,