Good Monday Evening Everyone! 

Last week me and Tedwood from WDSA travelled to the National Space Centre in Leicester for the Midlands Mobility Day with Allied Mobility. We where greeted with local businesses as well as National one's too! It was great to be surrounded by businesses who make it their job to make a disabled person's life more comfortable. I went along to see if I could spark interest into people wanting to join a class in Leicester once I am fully trained after my instructor course due to take place in October.

I was thoroughly surprised by the response I received and conversations about wheelchair dance that were spoken about.  However some discussions made me wonder, why disabled people had the thoughts of 'dance? i can't dance.' it's gave me thoughts into a blog post which I will create soon!

Below is a few snaps that me and Tedwood took on our day!

( I even became a astronaut!) 

thanks for reading,