.... so 2015 is here!

have you noticed my revamp for 2015? it's something that from the mind of a complete perfectionist is happy with. I really hope that you are too!

so what does 2015 have in store for me you ask? let me give you a little lowdown..

  • I am currently dusting off my Tap shoes and turning up the music ready to start teaching Tap at the Dance XChange in Birmingham from THIS SATURDAY!  
  • I have just done my first week back in my role at Dance4 and just trying to get a grip over what the next few months are going to contain.. 
  • I have confirmed that I will be going to Southbank next Friday to watch Magpie Dance's 30th Anniversary Show and blog about meeting the dancers as well as the show!
  • I've started to think about my sessions that I have planned for 10 weeks with Ashmount School in Loughborough, I am ever so excited about planting a new relationship within a SEN School.
  • Just before Christmas I recieved the news of obtaining £300 of funding from O2's 'BIGTHINK' project and hope that will contribute to dance sessions for wheelchair users (young people) in my area.
  • I have meetings planned with the local council and have been supported a lot by SomewhereTo_ in Leicester in finding space and opportunities. 
  • I'll be going on holiday this year (some people will be so happy about this!) after working so hard for the past year to get myself some work and literally working myself into the ground I WILL be having a holiday/proper break from everything! 
so it's all steam ahead for 2015! :-)
thanks for reading,