Back in 2014 (I believe it was November time) I was asked by Becky at Dance4 whether I wanted an opportunity to work alongside Scottish Dance Theatre in pre-show workshops for their piece 'Innocence' that was coming on a tour across the Midlands. Who wouldn't jump on that chance?!

I remember feeling slightly terrified of working with such little people in a dance context as it wasn't something I had encountered already in my career and I wasn't sure how I would cope. Luckily I was told I'd be working alongside somebody who has a lot of experience in this specific area (sigh of relief much?!) 

So we trained for 2 days alongside Dawn the Education Officer at SDT in Nottingham, she quickly put me at ease about the whole work process and I felt like I would be ok with it. I think the whole process of creating a workshop can be so much fun, experimenting with so many ideas funnelling through your creative mind and therefore resulting in something that was ours to play and have fun with.

The last two weeks myself and Oskana have worked with this pre-show workshop in Spalding, Nottingham, Derby, Wellingborough, Lincoln and Leicester. We've worked with groups from SEN schools, primary schools and playgroups. The extent at which our workshops have reached in the criteria is great and all groups have approached and played with the group differently. 
I have really enjoyed having the time to play with our ideas, deal with the need to adapt our workshop when required and to engage children who may before haven't done. 

I've come away from the experience with tons of ideas for my own work (which is great obviously) and it's made me really want to experiment work with little people a lot further so it's something I am definitely happy to continue playing with. I was obviously drawn to the work with SEN schools as it's something I am starting to do more of and it gave me opportunity to build confidence within that area. I've also learnt to build up the energy in those settings and not to be afraid of the unexpected, after all it can create something probably pretty wonderful! I wish I had more opportunities to lead than I was given, just to build on my own confidence in leading a session.. never mind.

I've left some pictures of the venues/spaces we've worked in :-)

Thanks for the opportunity Dance4 & Scottish Dance Theatre!
thanks for reading,