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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Easing my Anxiety.

Hi Everyone! 

Following on from my post that I wrote last year about my Anxiety see post here I feel motivated to talk about the things I do when I feel anxious or during/after an anxiety that help get me through those difficult moments. Firstly how each individual deals with anxiety is completely different to each person. I experience comfort in reading posts like this when talking to other people who have some form of an Anxiety issue. It's also an insight to those who don't experience Anxiety on this level, my friends/family and work colleagues can hopefully understand it better from reading this.

Anxiety still has a stigma attached to it, some people tend to find it easier if they don't ask about it and therefore don't feel like they need to understand it to support that person.
The hardest parts for me in the first few months of being diagnosed were figuring out what worked for me and what I would do during those attacks and afterwards. I often felt so physically and emotionally drained that I would cancel all of my plans and get into bed. Trust me when I say it has got easier in the past 12 months and now I am usually able to continue with my day as normal.

So this list is just a little insight into what makes me feel better..

1. Taking a Walk / Getting fresh air

This seems like the most obvious thing to do when your feeling anxious but I honestly feel the benefits. Especially as a lot of my anxiety at the moment stems from being so busy all of the time and not having a lot of me time, sometimes turning off my devices and going for a walk really makes me feel better. I take a lot of walks with my Boxer dog Ruby through the fields cross the road from where I live. Can't tell you how great it is just to breathe in some fresh air and forget about commitments for 30 minutes.

2. Take a Nap

I always feel 100% better after feeling anxious for a long period of time by taking a 20-30 minute nap. It gives my mind and body a rest from the world, sometimes an essential. I especially love having my fairy lights on and shutting the curtains so that I can have a deep relaxing nap.

3. Turn off Social Media

Sometimes turning off your social media completely refreshes your head. There's only so many times you can refresh that Twitter/Facebook app before it gets on your nerves! I always feel the benefits of just turning everything off when I am not feeling so great. You should give it ago!

4. Read a Book/Watch a Movie in the most comfortable clothing possible!

Grabbing my current read or a film I haven't seen in ages (usually ends up being Disney to be honest) in the most comfiest clothing with a cup of tea really chills me out. I also always make sure to have a cup of tea and biscuits for sugar levels.

5. Talk to Friends/Boyfriend

The first thing I always do when I am feeling anxious is notify somebody this could be either my friends or boyfriend. I always find it so much easier to contact them and have a conversation about something which diverts me from the topic of my anxiety.

6. Rescue Remedy/Breathe!

It's always important to focus on your breathing when feeling anxious and having rescue remedy on you (if you need it). I walk around everyday with my medication and some kalms in case of an emergency, it puts me at ease just knowing I have something in hand's reach if I need it.

7. Stick on your Favourite Music

I swear by the company of good Music whenever I'm feeling anxious. I like to listen to my Musicals/Disneys/70s/80s/90s whenever I don't feel right. Spotify is a genius when it comes to this, it's great to have somewhere that is full of so much music! I love having a playlist at my fingertips whenever I am out and stuff. It's always helpful to include those songs that bring back your best memories too!

8. Have a Pamper Session

There is absolutely nothing like a Lush product in your bath, a foot spa and a face mask whenever your feeing anxious. I like to stick on my music from Spotify/ or watch some catch up TV, chuck in a Lush bathbomb/bathfizz and just have some me time until my skin goes all wrinkly.

So those are my things to do whenever I'm feeling anxious.

Do you know of any other things I could try out? I'm open to suggestions!

thanks for reading,


  1. This is such perfect post. I've been having one of those days. I certainly 100% agree that turning off social media is the key. Disney & bubblebaths make it all better too.
    I've had to hit save on this post, I know it'll be a saviour for me xx

    1. Thanks for hitting save on this post lovely! :-) I don't think people realise the benefits of turning off your social media every once in a while. I wish people had the bravery to do it.

  2. I LOVE this list! Walks and naps are my thing too -- they really do make such a difference in how I'm feeling! I also like to journal and pray about what I'm anxious for.

    1. Oh I did journal for a bit but sometimes found that it got too much extra to do in a day, I already have too much to accomplish! ¬¬ xx

  3. I get quite bad anxiety at times and walking really helps me, and strangely enough so does driving!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I never thought about driving, I don't drive which is probably why!

      Em x

  4. I love this list, you're so brave for speaking out about it all. Music definitely helps me when I'm getting anxious. How hard did you find it to get a proper diagnosis for your anxiety? I've been getting a bit worried about my own symptoms lately but I'm not sure how to explain it to see if it is something 'real' if that makes sense :/ x

    1. Thanks for reading the post and enjoying it. I went to a university doctor first (massive mistake, they were so useless!) I took a test and had a really good chat with my doctor back at home who confirmed it for me. I've took two courses of different medication but never really feel their benefits, I still struggle with them today!
      I think you should definitely take the leap and talk to somebody :) xx

  5. When I'm feeling anxious, talking walks is usually my go to. Love the list, thank you so much for sharing. Anxiety can often really just stop your life in it's tracks. My favorite is walking at night, which probably isn't the best thing lol.

    1. Hi Brooke!
      Thanks for reading my post. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and found something that drew you. Yeah it really can, sometimes I really kick myself when I am missing important events. I try and do my best though it's all you can do!
      Oh love, be careful if your walking around in the evening ok?

      Em xx

  6. I love all of these things. I've been trying to learn how to cope with anxiety since September and my favourite things to do when Im feeling anxious or after a panic attack are similar to yours. I love going for walks or chilling out and having a nap, reading and listening to music, or distracting myself by painting my nails or putting on makeup. I also like to tidy my room or write lists to get things out of my head and minimise my anxiety. Also love your choice of movies, especially Rent!!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Hi Emma,

      I think I replied but my blog isn't showing that for some strange reason, so I do apologise IF your getting a second reply notification.

      I think walks are absolute god sends for anxiety and turning off social media. I wish I found distractions like tidying my room and stuff sometimes.

      Aw thanks, Rent is such an underrated movie/musical ¬¬ it's my favourite!

  7. Such an amazing post emmie, hope you're well :) xo **

  8. Fantastic post Emma!i hope now your okay, i also write, my last post is about dating rules!i hope you will like it!


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