With 7 days until my the Festival Fringe I have programmed takes place in Nottingham, I decided it was only a must that I have a relaxed weekend (especially with a 4 day weekend being provided, it was the perfect opportunity). With that in mind me and my boyfriend Jordan decided to brave the cloudy weather and take a trip to Twycross Zoo which happens to be a 40 minute drive from where I live. 
As we arrived we were greeted by protesters outside of the Zoo, campaigning about the rights of animals in Zoos and referring to a story about the abuse of Elephants back in 2012, read of it what you will. I know some individuals understand the campaigns and one of them is myself but Zoos educate me on their state in the world and understand their dying habitats due to a lot of actions by human kind. I was excited to have a peep into any new additions to the Zoo after not visiting in a fair few years.
Here's some of my favourite pictures of the day :

(one of these buggers took my dummy when it felt into it's cage when I was younger!)

I was ever so excited to sit and see the elephants, my heart broke when I heard some of these where abused by zoo keepers (they've been sacked now) how can you hurt such a incredibly beautiful animal is besides me.  

We then went into the main entrance to put our feet up for a bit and enjoy some lunch. There is great variety at Twycross Zoo with hot/cold drinks, hot/cold food and a selection of great looking cakes! I thought the price of food was a bit too much for my liking so I would definitely take a lunch pack in the future. However our burgers were very yummy and we even treated ourselves to some of their Creme Egg Cheesecake and Brownies

Our highlight of the day was definitely seeing the Rainbow Lorikeets they were in a massive enclosure where you could buy pots of nectar to feed to them, it was absolute madness and I definitely freaked out at the start. We visited THREE times it was that fun! Our first time walking through Jordan looked strangely like Ace Ventura

The Giraffes had recently moved into their new home near the Elephants, it was so big! I'm always amazed at the length of these animals! 

Twycross Zoo is home to a lot of Monkeys of different specifics all over the park. I hand-picked some of my favourite pictures of monkeys from the day. 

We completed our day by checking out the Zebras, Lemurs and walking through the Butterfly World, what is it with Butterfly places that is so calm?

All in all I had a wonderful day with Jordan at Twycross Zoo, great way for me to turn off for 24 hours before a hectic week. If you want to check Twycross Zoo see their website for offers and ticket prices etc.
thanks for reading,