There are so many pressures that surround us, whether that is aesthetically through our body image, to write the ideal blog posts so that people want to continue to read your blog or so that you don't piss individuals off. I'm a firm believer of being YOU and doing what YOU WANT.

 We're all humans with emotions, sometimes you feel like you need to vent those whether that is through conversations with your friends or find yourself angrily typing away at your keyboard until your keys start to bruise. (please step away from the keyboard, social media + anger = bad idea)
But you also need to reminder that those people who don't enjoy what you write and those who may criticise it, are also human beings too. Not everybody will appreciate the time and commitment you put into something which you are passionate about, and that's actually ok. It's ok not to enjoy reading your blog and your next big post, even if others have said how great it is and your wondering what the devil they're going on about. There's no point starting a hate campaign or getting to their level to try and understand their issue, rise above it. It makes you a better and actually more of a professional if you learn to take a breath and shake it off

Haters come in all shapes and sizes, some dislike your work but just decide to not give it the attention and others voice their hate just to make you aware and maybe think about who you are both professionally and personally. Your left feeling like your a really shit person with really shitty intentions (i'm here to tell you that your not) It does hurt, of course it does. You may have a bit of a cry about it all, you may turn up a really heartfelt tune that makes you feel like it's your current anthem! But please do not let it make you dislike yourself and what you do. You may need to take a few days to breathe and collect your thoughts, pick those feet up and continue on doing what your doing. Also do talk to your friends, they are there to support you.


1. you've found something your passionate about and it motivates you, keep it and keep going. They have something in their life that motivates them so why shouldn't you?

2. you've actually received more good than bad feedback so why are you letting that bad stop you? if the amount of views, followers doesn't add to the positives you need to have a word with yourself.

3. your next post they'll actually really like and they'll wonder what the fuss was about?

4. your not going to please everybody, you've seen examples of this already if you work as a waitress you'll feel me on this.

5. your a great human, don't lose confidence and carry doubt on your shoulders.

I've lost so much of my confidence recently, I almost unplugged my blog because I felt like I was wondering WHY do I write my blog and where am I trying to go with it after some fierce negative feedback. I know now where it's heading and it's to a great destination, I have a new project that I can't wait to finally announce (once I've done all the planning and decisions making). I know some individuals may go 'BAD IDEA EMMIE, DONT DO IT' but I will do it and so many people I've spoken to are as excited as I am for everything to fall into place (some of these are professionals too, so have that haters!). I've made it this far and I've still got so far to go! It'll be really difficult to come this far and not even attempt to give it a go, we're in 2015 after all. I didn't listen to the bullies at school so I'm certainly not going to start listening now.

If you've lost your confidence really, I hope it's back and your kicking some butt!

thanks for reading,