It's inevitable as we become adults (unless your like me and will always be a mummys girl at heart ❤️) that you'll fly the nest and start your own life in a new home. It's one of those really big moments in your life that seem accomplished and fun, it seems to creep up on you so quickly. We all spend so much of our childhood wishing we'd grow up quickly, imagining what lies ahead of us and what house we'd like/who we'd marry when it fact it comes and is actually a stressful ordeal and everything depends on your income... snore.

I moved into my first house with my boyfriend Jordan last Friday, it was the weirdest experience ever. I've moved away from home before for university studies 45 minutes away in Coventry, it was a completely different experience and this time it didn't feel like a temporary arrangement in my life. I'm still adjusting to the new routine of not having my parents kindly doing things for me, there's obviously things that Jordan does to help me out but it's not the same as having my parents there. We've become a team since living together, a unit of two people and that's really important to me.

We've moved into a beautiful little village near the town of Loughborough called Hathern, it's so beautiful and quiet plus two people I know considerably well literally live a few footsteps away so that's really nice. It only has one shop nearby, no local fish and chip shop for me anymore. I'd be lying if I said that my anxiety has been completely okay with this new life change, I still go bed with knots in my chest and feel like I am close to freaking out... I will get there once i'm all settled. We've moved into a 2-bed terraced house which is beautiful but needs a lot of working doing it and so I am pretty driven in making sure this house has work done to it and develops into something lasting (especially now as last night it was very dramatic with a huge leak from the ceiling of our spare room... urgh!)

The biggest life change for me since moving out of home has been now I am currently (kind of) jobless I gave up my job at my local pub as a waitress to move here with Jordan and find something new. I do still have my dance teaching job 3x a week but that's not enough income to get me by and feed my addiction to buying useless crap (maybe i'll learn now i'm a proper adult with responsibilities). I am pretty damn determined to find work in the next week or so (it's just a frustrating, time consuming activity that I do not enjoy! I just hope that it'll have it's worthy results) and I am looking for something I reallyyyyy want to do and so that I can still blog as and when I wish. 

I'm really excited by my new adventure/life step with Jordan, I hope you've enjoyed the little pictures I took whilst waltzing around in the sunshine. The weather has definitely helped in making moving into my new home more enjoyable, pass me the champers!

Apologises for not posting and I hope you'll understand now why it's been so quiet here whilst I get myself sorted and settled. Does anybody have any tips for somebody who has just moved into their first rental property? I would love to read your experiences/tips (i'm all eyes!)

thanks for reading,