I was over the moon when a sneaky little email popped into my inbox from Emma Wright, one of the Editors from The Emma Press asking whether I would be happy to read and review a copy of their brand new collection of poems 'The Emma Press Anthology of Dance'.

As a vivid lover of all things Dance related I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy and wasn't disappointed in the result.

(this is my first proper review so excuse me if it's not the greatest maybe ill come back in the future and make it better?...maybe! I have lots of reviews coming up)

It's front cover a beautiful summer orange, perfect striking cover for this time of year. Seven dancing figures placed already setting the feeling of movement and excitement for what we're about to read in the following pages. In a glimpse you can capture these figures, as well as others moving us through the pages, all of the beautiful illustrations sketched by the book's editor Emma Wright herself show an individual stamp on this publication.

Every poem is so relatable whilst reading I cast my mind to my imagination and the anthology has a lovely journey of progression. As a child who often drew ballerinas in her doodles, Catherine Smith's My Dancers makes it impossible not to have this spoken out loudly whilst drawing dancers across the page. Emma-Jane Hughes's Dance in a Round is a real nice poem of how some young girls follow in the footsteps of their earlier generations, how each of us are drawn to different Dance styles too. Poignant is Learning the Steps by Maria Taylor which brings us to a line which no doubt is poignant of all ..
'We dance to learn about a part of ourselves books can't teach'.   
This moment allows us to ask ourselves about our own place in Dance, whether we do this consciously or without a thought at all. Dance is everywhere and I feel that after reading this I will be drawn to this even more.

I absolutely loved this little collection of poems, I would really hope other Dance professionals and like-minded individuals would grasp the opportunity to read this collection (please do). It drew me in all the different directions, the last few pages leave us moments to read more about the individual poets and the editors who drew this beautiful project together.
I would definitely take up anymore opportunities to read more things from the Emma Press in the future, well presented and collected.

thanks for reading,