I have been so inspired by writing this post reading other bloggers talk about their reading challenges for the summer, it's got me thinking...

Reading will always be one of my favourite past times. Growing up I spent a lot of my summers down at my local library which was luckily down the end of my road and I would sign up to the summer's reading challenge. I would read as many books as possible to be successful on the challenge and was inspired by so many authors but over the years that hobby that come and gone in moments. Through my degree it was near impossible for me to enjoy reading, a lot of my time was spent watching One Tree Hill or doing coursework. I made it a goal of mine that I would read more once I graduated. I even signed up to Goodreads (a site I really love but also helps you realise how many books exist, crazy!) and gave myself a 2015 reading challenge of reading 25 books this year hoping that this would inspire me to find my love for reading again.

At the moment this challenge isn't very successful (i've read 6!) so this summer I have decided to grasp every spare moment that I have to read more and enjoy it again. I have so many more opportunities with events coming up that I need to travel to on a train, so it's a perfect time for me to dive into the next bit of reading material available to hand. I have so many books in my house that I would like to read but I decided to kickstart this hobby again by popping to the local library and to the nearest Waterstones store for some exciting reads. I am currently reading two books at the same time (because my Kindle is now battery flat and I have 0 motivation to find the charging cable!) and here are the other reads I'm hoping to enjoy over the upcoming weeks.

I am currently reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (yes the youtuber that everybody talks about), I have always been particularly curious about this book, I didn't have the guts to buy it myself so was delighted that one of my friends did for Christmas so it feels like the perfect excuse not to try and enjoy it. I am also reading Daughter by Jane Shemilt, I found it in my local library and have wanted to read it for months! It's really different to Girl Online so I am looking forward to how both of them conclude.

The other books I would like to read over the summer are as follows :

All The Bright Places : Jennifer Niven
Elizabeth Is Missing : Emma Healey 
The Rosie Project : Graeme C. Simsion
Three Amazing Things About You : Jill Mansell

I wonder if any of you have read any of the books on my list or have some recommendations? I will definitely let you know how I get on with the challenge (wish me luck!)

thanks for reading,