Back in October I decided to drop my guard and open up on this blog about my struggles with Anxiety, since also posting a post which spoke about the things I like to do when I'm feeling anxious. I read those posts and feel like I'm a completely different human being, those posts were definitely written in a time when I was really struggling and needed some form of 'outlet' to help me cope. The response from the blogging community was immense and I quickly learnt that I wasn't alone and SO many people are out there suffering too. It was really comforting to know that what I was feeling wasn't out of the ordinary and I could talk to so many people out there, we were there to support one another and it was really great to experience that. After I wrote my posts it seemed like so many people started to open up about their daily struggles too, it felt like a lid had been taken off and it was okay to talk openly and honestly about something that was completely hidden and kept yourself to suffer in the past.

I feel like in the last 12 months I have really grasped hold of my anxiety and got it (mostly) under control. I'm no any way shape or form 'CURED' and imagine the millions of pounds id earn if that was the case and I could spread my cure around the world. I think Anxiety has changed my perceptions on everyday situations and how I teach myself to get through them calmly and safely. I've realised that I can't do a office job, working in four walls for a shift of 9-5 with nothing but music in my ear and barely any human interaction isn't for me and I'd rather be somewhere else. I've thrown myself into everything that makes me anxious, train journeys, meeting new people, being in a packed shopping centre... the list goes on. That therapy isn't for everybody but it's really worked with me. 
Something that has also helped me immensely is the great support I have from those people I interact with, my boyfriend, my friends and family. I know we all sit here and talk about how lucky we are to have great relationships with our friends and family but I have never understood that so much when suffering from bad Anxiety. Anyone who reads it and suffers from Anxiety too will know that having somebody there when your having an attack, who doesn't continue to repeat 'you'll be fine' or a personal frustration of my own 'are you ok?' into your ear are the best people and the ones who really attempt to calm the situation. I hope my boyfriend won't mind me mentioning but the fact whenever I feel anxious and I'm in our home he'll go and run me a bath with a LUSH product in is actually the most calming and natural reaction that goes a long way!

There are days when I still experience an Anxiety attacks, they're definitely on a whole new level whenever I do experience, but I finally do not feel like they're going to control me. But with my calming mechanisms I know they'll be over soon and I will be back to my normal positive self and crack on with the day. I sometimes think my Anxiety has gone because I feel genuinely so calm and controlled by my emotions that my Anxiety barely feels like it even exists. Not telling my recent employers about my Anxiety has stopped me being subjected to wonders of what Anxiety is and how I manage it, I've decided to deal with it in my own way. I feel like I have finally got it under control so if your out there and really struggling then let me be someone to assure you that it'll be ok.
If your one of those people who have reached out and spoken out loud about experiencing Anxiety or any other Mental Health experience then I salute you. I understand the difficulty in pressing the publish on a blog post or talking to your close ones or professionals about it but it'll be the best thing you ever do. Also like me you'll come out of the other end realising your not alone and there's so many people out there ready to support you! Let's kick some Anxiety and Mental Health in the butt!

also remember that every person you meet may be someone that's fighting anxiety too, you don't have to be aesthetically anxious or a nervous individual to suffer from such a mental health condition. we all learn to cope with it in various different ways and no way is correct.

thanks for reading,