As a massive lover of LUSH Cosmetics since I can remember I was absolutely over the moon when fellow Leicester blogger Hollie announced on our group there was spaces for an event at the Lush store in Leicester, #LLSP and was delighted with the opportunity to meet bloggers within my area.

This would be my first brand event and I was so excited to be attending, so much I had to prepare my bank balance in preparation for the damage that may occur. Having made a visit to the Oxford Street store in London when I visited last month (which is massive and slightly overwhelming if you ask me!) I was excited to see what products they where bringing out across the nationwide stores. Talking to the Lush Leicester team they spoke about wanting to give local bloggers the opportunity to attend launch events in the future. This launch in particular was to preview their end of Summer/Autumn bath and shower product range. The new hair and skincare products are to be released at a later date, quite frankly the shower & bath products are my absolute favourites of LUSH.
It was great to arrive at the event to a group of local Leicester bloggers, a great opportunity to connect, network and hang out with new friends who share a similar interest as you. A lot of people attended the event, some of which were the general public too! You could tell who the bloggers were amongst the space and in their blogger element when getting their cameras out and starting to formulate the perfect images for the blog posts we'd create from the event. Moving around the store, it was clear that the colours had been given a new BOOM and they were bright enough to take over the sunshine. I was quite glad to be completely armed with a basket ready to spend some pennies on the new products.

We were given the opportunity to create our own Comforter bath bomb using the materials the team at Lush use, the bright pink and white swirls (well attempted swirls) made us all hope we'd be the next team member to join the team. It was great to get hands on with the products that sell so quickly from the shelves of Lush all over the country.

There was so much to feast your eyes on and with so much bath bombs containing glitter it was like a dream for the upcoming colder months around the corner. Feasting my eyes on the Intergalactic  which is a product I brought from Oxford Street, loved and hoped it would be coming out of them doors to stores across the UK. The blues of the Frozen bath bomb will have you singing Let It Go until your hearts content.

I am over the moon that the rerelease of Karma sees a popular product returning better, more colourful and smelling more gorgeous than before. Having been a small round of orange and red before its now come back with a splash of purple and gold to seal the deal. This is definitely one product I cannot wait to pop into my next Saturday evening bathtime.

Why not spread your wings and give your Pink-Flamingo a little swirl in your bath to create the perfect bubble paradise? LUSH have also created some shower jellies, a strange texture to involve in your showering routine but definitely give it a go!

I'm a huge fan of LUSH's range of hand creams, Love and Light being a new addiction to my LUSH collection but one I wear on a daily basis now. It has such a fresh, very cocoa butter scented cream that will leave your hands feeling refreshed and soft afterwards especially for those days like me your spent working as a waitress. All of the products released by LUSH are created from natural products and none are tested on animals, this is the most important element for me when buying the products. They're enjoyable, fresh and clean with the correct intention at heart to encouraging people to use natural products in their daily beauty, hair and skin routine.

We were also really lucky to come away with a BIG bag of goodies, with some products I haven't even tried or considered to test out before.  It felt good to come away with so many new things to trial out and discover new loves at LUSH.
I'm looking forward to the next opportunities to go to events at LUSH Leicester.

thanks for reading,