As the summer is slowly drawing to an end and we have to get those perfectly lighted blog photos captured during our mornings, it's time for us to say hello the Autumn season. 

The Autumn season is my absolute favourite time of the year, the changing colours of the trees, the smells and it's a sign that Christmas is just around the corner (don't worry I won't be telling you about my favourite Christmas films or songs just yet!) but one of my favourite things to do during this time of year is to snuggle on the sofa or in bed and stick on a good film. I thought to kick off the Autumn months I could chat about my movie night essentials, hopefully you'll enjoy and it'll inspire you to kickback and watch a film sometime this week.

1. Schedule your movie night
The most important element of your movie night is to schedule it in, you do not want to be distracted by any other commitments going on around you as that would be defeating the point of a movie night. Find a day in the week that you can spare a couple of hours to enjoy a film or two, or why not just wait until the weekend.

2. Turn off your mobile phone 
This leads me nicely onto the next thing, TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE. You don't want to be disturbed by the next social media notification or a text conversation. This is time to yourself, to switch off from technology so do it

3. Light some candles and turn on some fairy lights
Setting the atmosphere for your movie night is really essential for making you at your most relaxed and comfiest for your movie evening. I like to turn on a few candles, especially as Autumn scented candles are an absolute must this time of year, draw my curtains (not if it's raining though as I enjoy watching it and having it as background noise to my movie) and switch on a few fairy lights, because which blogger doesn't have numerous fairy lights around their household?

4. Comfortable Clothing
There is absolutely nothing worse than watching a film and fidgeting around the sofa because you can't get yourself comfortable to watch the movie. I tend to throw on a big comfortable jumper (like the one in the photo above), some jogging bottoms and big fluffy socks. To throw in for good measure, grab yourself a big blanket to get snuggled under, just try not to fall asleep for a quick nap like I do most of the time

5. Snacks and Drinks.
It's the fun part, do you have enough snacks and drinks to get you through the duration of your film? I mostly enjoy a cup of tea when watching a film and either some popcorn or Doritos (complete with dip of course!) you can snack on absolutely anything healthy or unhealthy just make sure you have some snacks.

6. Choose Your Movie.
Here's the tough part of the movie night, deciding what to watch. Prepare yourself because if your not watching the movie alone you'll have to agree on what it is you both would like to watch and enjoy together. I think it's good to maybe formulate a pile of up to 4 DVDS you'd like to watch and then allow your company to make the final decision. I tend to go for a Disney film or something either myself or Jordan haven't watched in a while. 

7. Company Isn't Essential. 
Whether your watching the film with your boyfriend, family member or friend OR even on your own it's nice to snuggle up feeling content and relaxed.

8. Relax and Enjoy Your Film!
Now it's the fun part, snuggle up and enjoy your film!

Is there anything else you like to do when having a movie night? leave your comments below.

thanks for reading,