So with The Great British Bake Off back on our screens and every other person using it as an excuse to eat or bake more, I was so happy to be asked by the lovely Bakerdays team whether I would like to receive a cake on them to review, YES YES YES! Who doesn't love a slice of cake with their daily cup of tea? Plus I had seen all of my fellow blog friends receiving yummy cake so I wanted to get in on the action!

So the other day a little letterbox cake popped through my letterbox and I was excited to see what the Bakerdays had created for me with the help of using the logo for my new project, WHYDance? (you'll know all about it at the end of August). What's a letterbox cake you may ask? I didn't know what it was either! The letterbox cake is a 5inch, 3/4 portion sized cake, perfect for a little birthday gathering with friends, OR if your a huge lover of cake like yourself you'll just enjoy the cake all for yourself without feeling any guilt.  BakerDays gives you the option to to personalise your cake to your hearts content from the message, a picture to the filling so it can suit the needs of the person who is receiving the cake. It also allows you to choose your filling so whether your a sponge fan or need gluten free cake then BakerDays ensure to fulfil all your dietary needs, The size of the letterbox cake fits perfectly through your letterbox in a delightful tin, therefore demolishing any fears of squashed cake on it's journey.

It was beautifully wrapped for it's journey complete with a label of instructions on how to take the cake out of the tin, Bakerdays really thought about every little detail! We all know without this label I would have turned the tin upside down and ended up in a right mess, they ensure you keep your cake in one piece! It was such a lovely sized cake and smelt delicious as soon as I unwrapped it (check out Jacob's reaction picture below, think he was excited about it too). I was looking forward to seeing what filling that the BakerDays decided to use for my cake, boy was I happy when it turned out to be chocolate sponge.. my absolute favourite (how did you know?!) The cake itself was very moist, tasty and filling, it was the best choice to accompany my cup of tea! 

Undoubtedly I would purchase a cake from BakerDays and with a few special birthdays around the corner I feel like this would be the perfect present, especially if they're at work during their birthday (they can tuck into it during their lunch break, I think of everything too!). I think you should even just buy yourself one as a weekend treat or whilst your watching the next episode of The Great British Bake Off :) They're a great size for a great quality price and I would urge you to go and check them out through the links below! They have such a great quality of cakes in all shapes and sizes waiting for you, go check them out. 

thanks for reading,

Collaboration post with Bakerdays