We all know Autumn has well and truly arrived when Starbucks announcing their re-release of their pumpkin lattes, the leaves falling to the ground and the days start becoming shorter. 
Like probably every blogger possible Autumn/Winter is their favourite time of the year for all sorts of reasons and recent Twitter chat topics, YouTube videos and seeing the first Christmas song on TV (I almost feel permission to get my Christmas playlist ready!) has got me thinking long and hard about the colder months. Who doesn't love Autumn so I thought I would share with you the 10 Things I Love About Autumn..

Autumn Drinks.
As soon as Costa and Starbucks release their drinks for the Autumn/Winter season along with their themed cups of choice we all run to the nearest store and then Instagram the shit out of them! If your not then your doing it alllllll wrong.  We're just waiting for that individual on Twitter to inform everybody of the release of the drinks before we make our first purchase! 

Autumn drinks are always the best thing to help make you feel cosy so wave goodbye to cold beverages for the next couple of weeks and say hello to all of the caffeine! (we need it for those dark mornings before work).

During the colder months I like to pitch candles throughout my house, more so now I have room for them around my own house. I love the scents of pumpkin, gingerbread and co to fill my house! You also need enough to last you! 

Autumn Clothing
scarves, hats, big knits, jumpers, boots, gloves OH i feel snuggly and warm just thinking about it. I also enjoy the opportunity to layer up and the super cosy tights from Primark are an absolute dream and bargain if you want to wear a dress or skirt in the colder months. (I'm already planning to stock up a few new pairs in the upcoming weeks!)

The Leaves Changing Colour
There's just something really calming in seeing the leaves change colour and the vibrant colours of reds, browns and oranges.. the mix of my favourite colours. Plus I have an excitement of a child when I see conkers amongst the crunchy leaves.

Movie Nights
There's no better excuse to be unsociable than when the colder months are here and you can get all snuggled up in a big blanket with your favourite person, a hot chocolate (or wine whatever you fancy) and one of your favourite films.. (in November it's perfectly acceptable to starting playing the Christmas films!) 

Bonfire Night
The smell of bonfire is so warming and comforting don't you think? I enjoy getting wrapped up with my friends or boyfriend and a beer watching fireworks shoot into the skies above in all colours and sizes. Every year I always ensure to go to a display and get all snuggled up in my hat and coats, it starts to feel a lot chiller and like Winter is just around the corner. 

Long Walks.
There's something really refreshing about waking up or spending your afternoon taking some time out to go out for a long walk in the fresh autumn air. It gives you perfect time to stick on your current favourite songs or just take some time out for yourself after a tough week at work (we all know we need it sometimes without running to the next bottle of wine every evening!)

We all know as bloggers that Primark manage to get their pyjama department for the Autumn/Winter months on point. I love purchasing my next set or onesie, I definitely need a new onesie in the collection this year. 

Halloween is the perfect excuse for me to have my horror movie marathons and get dressed up. It's just one of my favourite holidays in the year for so many reasons and even better now me and my boyfriend both enjoy the holiday so we like to decorate the house and do something to celebrate!

I can't wait to reuse a lot of the decorations from last year as well as finding some new gems to bring my house to life during October. I can't wait for October 1st so I can start decorating the house! 

and probably the most important and best thing about Autumn..

Christmas films, Christmas music, decorations, gingerbread and cinnamon smells, present wrapping and giving, mulled wine, Christmas parties, the Christmas markets, bucks fizz, the great Christmas dinner, board games, family and friends time.. AHHH i'm so excited just thinking about it!

I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing this post, it's one of my most enjoyable I have written for a while, leave your little favourite snippets of Autumn!

thanks for reading,