When I wake up most mornings I remember how blessed I am to have this blog and my space on the internet, my own domain, my own boundaries and restrictions. I haven't felt so free and happy with this blog in a very long time, I'm starting to believe in myself and the belief that what I do is a positive thing. I feel so inspired by the other bloggers out there who give their time to write something that inspires them and makes them happy. So many of us are in fulltime jobs outside of this blogging community that it has become an escape, a way for us to have something that reflects upon this moment/chapter in in our lives. I'm so grateful to be part of this blogging generation, we're all pretty damn amazing don't you think?

I've had over 20,000 views on this blog and now have over 1,500 followers on Twitter, that's really insane. I'm so blessed that people click to read my latest blog and leave little comments, they genuinely make me so happy. 

It's so nice to have such a wonderful group of blogging friends who just 'get it' and have become more than just friends online, they're just very good friends of mine that I am extremely lucky to have. However I am lucky that all of my friends and family follow my blog as much as everyone else does. I still feel like there's so many more people I would like to meet and get to know but I guess all of this takes time and it's not regular I participate in twitter chats or conversation at the moment. 

My life feels ridiculously hectic. I am currently working in a pub full-time, this wasn't what I had planned with my life once I graduated AT ALL. I'm constantly tired and work so many hours that my blog just doesn't come first right now and that's frustrating like you wouldn't believe. My blogging mojo is well and truly back, I'm so inspired by so many new posts but I just don't have the time to sit and write them to the best of my ability. I've been writing applications like no other to get a job I would actually be inspired and motivated by, I didn't go to university for nothing and I'm not letting it get me down. I've managed to get myself two opportunities teaching/leading dance which excite me for September and I just hope I will allow myself to go for it. Still I hope there's something bigger just around the riverbend.. 

I've also been planning as much for this blog as I have for my separate project, WHYDance which I am ready to write about on this blog I just need to find the time to do it. 
I really would like to write about Dance through this blog again, it's what the foundations were back when I started 2 years ago and it's what I enjoy writing about. I just hope something inspires me to and so that content can start to shine through again, It's really important to remember where you started and to remind yourself what you blog about sometimes. 

I've attended a few blogging events recently, more local but just recently my first 'big' blogging event in London called #BloggersFestival which was awesome on so many levels. It was great to meet so many bloggers I had spent so many months chatting to and getting to know online that I feel so motivated and inspired by the blogging community. 

2015 has been a great year for this blog so far so i'm determined to make it go out with a bang! 

thanks for reading,