I'm sure you've seen plenty of posts recently that talk allllll about the #BloggersFestival and here is mine (finally!) Since making blogging something of a commitment and a regular hobby of mine something which has been on top of my list is to attend a big blogging event. It's the absolute perfect way of gathering bloggers from all over the UK, including those you spend most of your days connecting with through Twitter, Whatsapp or Facebook and also gives you opportunities to meet people from a variety of brands in the hope you'll collaborate in the future. As soon as I saw the #BloggersFestival tag start to develop over the wavelengths of Twitter I knew I had to contact the organise Scarlett London about this one! I really hope you'll enjoy reading about my experience and it'll get you keeping an eye out for future events and you'll join the wonderful blogging community. 

taking our selfies from Ali because they're so damn cute!

When I first arrived in London I made plans to meet my good friend Ali for a drink and a small lunch before the event, Ali is somebody I have spoken to quite often on this blog and who has become a very good friend of mine. It was so nice to give her a squeeze and have a little natter in Pret (whilst also working out a couple of the bloggers who had sat themselves around us) so if you saw two young woman acting a bit suspicious and going crazy when they managed to match the blogger to their Twitter profile picture that was no doubt us!

To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect from the event as many events I have been to before have been really relaxed and just about catching up with fellow bloggers, this one involved brands. I haven't really spoken to a lot of brands but it's something I am doing more and more of in recent months and thriving at the opportunity to do, my blog content is developing and reaching out to new things ALL OF THE TIME. So with that in hand we arrived at the venue for the event, Scarlett managed to source the most gorgeous hotel for the event, as well as it being just a stone throw from St James's Park underground station so perfect for any blogger to get to. I couldn't wait to see what the rest of the afternoon had in store...

I realised as I went to edit these photos there wasn't a lot of content for me to play with, I was definitely overwhelmed by the whole day that I didn't manage to take pictures of all of the stands, uhoh! The variety of brands available didn't make it specific to a certain type of blogger and there was something to suit all your blogging interests. 

Walking into a big space to a bunch of various stands and big inflatables spelling out 'BLOG' and tables containing some yummy sweets to take home, I felt instantly relaxed and assured this event would be a great one to be apart of. I started to recognise the faces of a few bloggers who I had followed on Twitter or read their blogs with keen interest for a few months, it was good to finally put faces to those Twitter display pictures. 

iewellerybox.co.uk is a little online store full of the most gorgeous items of jewellery, I had heard about them through the Twittersphere and was excited to see their products in the flesh (so to speak!). They had the most pretty stand complete with flowers, fairy lights and candles..goldmine for any bloggers. I received a little gift from them which contained a gold infinity bracelet (seen below in the picture) which will look really nice during these Autumn months. I plan to buy a few pieces for a few of my close ones for Christmas this year, they'll definitely love the quality and beauty of them. 

I also found myself having a lengthy conversation with the team of Small Man Media who are a PR and marketing company based really near me in Wolverhampton, seeing a stall full of stationary was like my heaven of the event. I enjoyed chatting about the brands they get to work alongside, including great stationary companies like Smiggle so I hope I get to put my love for notebooks and pens to good use soon ;)

I also managed to have a motivating conversation with the team of Mode Media who support bloggers if they wish to undertake a more professional route with their blog and about the individuals they've already worked with. It's something I often think about briefly but something that's always interesting to consider if you really enjoy what blogging provides you individually. 

I couldn't believe my eyes coming home to such a generous amount of free gifts and samples to take home with me, I've started to use a few of them so I'm sure you'll see a few posts in the future. A big shoutout to the organiser Scarlett London who made me thoroughly enjoy my first big blogging event and feel at ease amongst the many other faces of the blogging community in the room. You can check out her blog right scarlettlondon.com and keep up to date on the future blogging events, you should definitely go to one if you can! 
thanks for reading,