If you've been following and reading my blog this week you'll realise that it's been centred on a cause close to my heart, Organ Donation and I have posted a post everyday this week in honour of the National Transplant Week in the hope it'll encourage you to spread awareness and get more names on the register. To complete this week I decided to ask fellow bloggers and friends about organ donation and what encouraged them to sign up, maybe you can leave your thoughts below because I would love to hear them too!

Dee 26 London
I joined the Organ Donor Register around 5 or 6 years back now. I remember watching a programme on TV which revolved around Cystic Fibrosis sufferers mainly and it really made me think about the ways in which we can help people. I began researching organ donation and also giving blood and decided that I could make some small changes to my life in order to benefit others hugely.
Firstly I began giving blood at my local donation office. The feeling of pride was amazing. Knowing I could potentially save somebodies life. Shortly afterwards I joined the organ donor register online. One of my close friends is a CF sufferer and she really opened my eyes. If I donated my organs after my death I would save someone's life, maybe more than one. The thought of helping somebody to carry on or have a new lease of life when I no longer needed my organs is a reasurring one. 
I will always promote organ donation and would advise everyone to seriously consider it. Think about all those lives we could save or prolong! It's a great thing

Ali, London
For me it was a no-brainer because of course I wanted to be an organ donor, why wouldn't I be? You never know who's life you could improve or even save by donating your organs. I actually registered while I was applying for my driving license and it was pretty easy to do.
 At the end of the day, everyone should have the chance to have a great quality of life and I'm happy to help!

Emma 22 Milton Keynes 
Being an organ donor (like when you're dead and they take your organs right?) is important to me because you never know who it might help. If my body can help someone else in any way then I'm happy for that to happen as I'm not going to need them anymore anyway!
I don't see any reason why people wouldn't sign up. 

Becki, Leicester
Organ donation, is quite possibly the most heroic thing a human being can ever do. One person can save up to 8 lives after their passing. Wow. What a legacy to leave. In such tragic events, one human being can continue living on and create longer, happier and healthier lives for other families. It's truly selfless. Not enough people are signed up to be organ donors. If there were more people, my beautiful friend Emma, would most likely still be alive today. She passed away 2 years ago whilst waiting for a double lung transplant. Aged just 20. Be someone's hero. Give the gift of life. Sign the organ donor register.
one day I most likely will need a double lung transplant, due to cystic fibrosis. I am signed up to be an organ donor. I would be willing to take an organ so I most certainly am willing to give mine. 

I can't believe my week's worth of feature for National Transplant Week is complete.  
7 days full of knowledge, discussion and real-life interviews that I hope has given you a lot of food for thought in regards to the organ donor register.
I'd like to thank the contributors to this week for their time and patience in producing great content for my blog this week and agreeing to be a part of National Transplant Week through this opportunity.

remember to sign up to be a organ donor you can go online and it'll take you 2 Minutes to complete.
thanks for reading,