So today I was hoping to introduce you to Katie Gammon on today's first guest post for National Transplant Week, a young lady who of 17 just recently lost her life after fighting chronic rejection above all things from a double lung transplant 2 years ago. I was very much looking forward to having Katie talk about her experiences of undertaking a transplant so young, however I am honoured to have Live Life Give Life write a tribute today. Katie was an advocate of their charity which promotes the awareness of Organ Donation all over the UK. Here their fundraising trustee, Rachel Prosser is here to chat about what it is to be an Advocate for such an important charity and why we should spread the word about organ donation to our loved ones.

It was Summer two years ago I decided I wanted to look at becoming an advocate for Live Life Give Life (LLGL) It had been just over a year since I had received my single lung transplant (may 2012) and my health was back on form after being so desperately ill for several years, and felt that I wanted to give something back to the transplant community. 

I had been aware of LLGL for a number of years, when my health took a turn for the worst LLGL was at the fore front of my mind and wanted to raise awareness and organised several events raising funds for LLGL whether it was a local Christmas fayre, a charity tribute night or a coffee morning.

I had completed the LLGL speakers project in January of 2013 and felt I had a strong link with LLGL as while waiting for my transplant in 2011 /2012 LLGL had been a great support to me, several advocates had guided me through the uncertain time of being on the transplant waiting list and were always there at the end of the phone or message / email away in answering any transplant related question and queries of all kinds.

We have a great team of Advocates and Trustees within LLGL, in particular I would like to mention the beautiful Katie Gammon, Katie was a vital part of the LLGL team. Katie received her transplant on 10th August 2013, but unfortunately passed away just a few weeks ago due to chronic rejection. This was devastating new for the charity, as Katie was very passionate about raising awareness for LLGL as well as organizing several charity events independently and alongside other advocates including her close friend and fellow advocate Jessica Paddock.  Katie more than fulfilled her role as an advocate a big event that she took part in that raised a lot of awareness was the Tarka Walk, this year was the fourth one she was involved in and had so much passion for the event and there was no stopping Katie. Katie organised a number of sponsored walks along the Tarka Trail raising thousands-of-pounds for charity including LLGL.

Katie fulfilled her role as an advocate and passionately spread the word of organ donation along with all the other advocates that volunteer for LLGL and Katie will always be remembered for that.

The role of an advocate is to support, raise awareness and spread the word of organ donation to each and every person we come across in our lives, we each have a personal story and direct link to transplantation whether it be a recipient, living donor, alive because of organ donation, or a donor family, we all link together in the fact that we want to reduce the amount of people that die waiting for a transplant which is currently around 3 people a day and there is at this very moment in time around 7000 people in the UK are awaiting an organ transplant.

Our aim as a charity and role as an advocate is to try and reduce this, educate and also support those awaiting a transplant and be there for the community both  pre and post-transplant.

To find out more about Live Life Give Life and how to join the Organ Donor register please visit 
For now 'Let Love Live On'….

in loving memory of Katie Gammon
1998 - 2015 

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