You know how much I love Autumn having probably seen my blog post about the 10 things I love about Autumn (if you haven't the link is right here!) and I mentioned my love for Halloween. It's the perfect time of the year and I get ever so excited about carving pumpkins and watching Halloween films especially The Nightmare Before Christmas (which I watched as inspiration for writing this post). So when the lovely and probably as Halloween obsessed team at Ocean Finance asked whether i'd like the opportunity to create my perfect #screamhome for some Halloween celebrations, I decided that it would be great to create a Halloween movie night perfect for family (of who are joining me this Saturday for spooky films and takeaway!)

p.s i'm pretty annoyed that my images are not so great in this post and made so many attempts I got frustrated, really need to educate myself on better images! 

(wish you could see my amazing bat bunting from Tiger, my camera wouldn't capture them!) 

Upon my search for the perfect movie night I decided to take to Pinterest first for some inspiration for the perfect move night, you can check out my Halloween inspired board here I knew I needed to have the perfect snacks, decorations and atmosphere to provide the best Halloween night. I decided to head towards the alternative options to find gems of the Halloween kind and I was impressed to find what was stocking the shelves.

My first stop was Tiger, which is a shop I absolutely love! It's full of such a variety of things and I was so happy to find some perfect little decorations in there. I found the bat and pumpkin bunting, for an absolute bargain of £1 each! I had to buy them both and they turned out longer than I had expected so I could really go to town with my bunting.

Most of the other buys where either from B&M and Tesco, including my pumpkins of which you'd agree is an absolute must for your Halloween decorations. With a budget of £50 to spend I managed to use up just under my target and feel very pleased with the products I had brought.

On our coffee table I purchased a smoking cauldron from B&M which bellowed smoke out from it's top along with flashing colours. It's an absolute centre piece for our table, that's before I found it spits water all over the table ¬¬ uhoh!

It's been so much fun having these decorations up awaiting our Halloween movie night this weekend and I have had so many friends say how great it looks when they visit too! I am really enjoying spending most of my evenings after work sticking on a Halloween themed movie amongst my fairy lights and spooky decorations, just going to feel so sad taking them down on November 1st! (maybe the 7th after Bonfire Night ;))

I hope that for whatever you have planned this Halloween you have an amazing time! Maybe let me know in the comments of any plans you've made or your favourite Halloween film, I would love to read them :-) 

thanks for reading,
Disclaimer: The budget were gifted to me in return for a review on my blog. All opinions and photographs are my own.