As I mentioned in Monday's post October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have teamed up with the team of Coppafeel! to spread the word about why us young women should be the best of chums with our boobs.

The word 'cancer' is something that will affect us all during our lifetime one way or another, whether that's through something we see or hear through the media or when it hits home and affects our friends or family. Recently from watching Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter discuss her cancer story, she lost her mum to cancer and recently reading fellow blogger Lisa Lynch's book The C-Word. It hit me hard, it is something we know of but choose to ignore or not really talk about enough unless it's brought up in conversation. Whilst I am very lucky that cancer hasn't affected me too personally I don't think that should stop me from raising awareness and checking my boobs regularly for the early signs of cancer.

Statistics show that every year almost 55,000 females are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, both women and 400 men (yes breast cancer can affect men too!), that concludes that 1 in 8 women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Understanding the early signs of cancer can obviously make your chances of making the treatments more effective and survival rates higher for you. There is a misconception out there in that breast cancer is the 'better cancer' in comparison to the many other cancers out there which is suffered by others, when in fact it is the second most common cause of death of women in the UK.

Being part of raising awareness of something like this is is extremely important for young people to be apart of. It's nothing that you can throw your donations at and expect for those charities committed to the research to do all of the work for you. Checking for the signs of cancer is something we can all participate in and make as an important ritual as that one we do when we're taking a daily shower.

Do you know what signs you need to look for? Well luckily Coppafeel! sent me some great little cards that are great at answering that question for you;

If your like me who needs a reminder on when to check their boobs regularly, because we all like a reminder here or there then check out Coppafeel!'s monthly text reminder subscription which is FREE! 

Please make sure by reading and sharing this post your talking to your friends and family about checking their boobs too, it's about time we became good chums with our boobies!

you can read all about Coppafeel! on their website.

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