I've hit 2,000 followers on Twitter and with my 300 follower mark on Bloglovin' closely behind, well I hope so and somebody hasn't unfollowed me after reading this post.

It seems like quite a lot of bloggers are celebrating their blog-iversaries recently and I'm no different, it doesn't feel like I have been giving this blogging thing a official go 10 months ago, deciding to create this space in the blogsphere you have become to know as Carpe Diem Emmie. I feel like sometimes we forget to re-introduce ourselves as writers/creators to the new or lasting readers who give up their spare time to sit and read something which your so passionate about. Blogging isn't easy and actually takes up a great deal of commitment and consistency, something which we should give ourselves a pat on the back for on many occasions. In the past 12 months I have thrived upon the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers which have become my friends, be inspired, discover new interests and attend events of which I wouldn't have thought were in my reach all of those months ago.

I saw that the ever so lovely Kathryn from chaptersofkat had wrote a lovely post called 'The A-Z of Me' which I knew I instantly wanted to do as a general get to know and a hello to any new readers out there, please do enjoy this read as it took longer than I had thought to produce.

A is for Anxiety - having wrote about suffering from Anxiety 12 months ago, blogging has opened me up to such an incredible support network and feel comfortable about talking about such a difficult subject. It's a massive part of me as an individual so having a supportive blogging network has been essential in the way I handle it.

B is for Baking - Baking is something I really enjoy doing but there isn't enough hours in my day to day schedule to squeeze it in (WHYYYY). It's on my list to do more of by the end of the year and in 2016, so watch this space.

C is for Colouring - I have two adult colouring books on the shelves of my office space and they are the perfect company for whenever I am feeling anxious or wanting some space from the online world. 

D is for Disney - If you are in your 20s like me you were one of the lucky ones who grew up watching Disney in all it's Classical glory. I am and still always be a vivid lover of Beauty and The Beast and The Little Mermaid.

E is for Emjois - I am so addicted to these simple but incredible inventions. You'll notice on my Twitter it's very rare a tweet will go live without one being there!

F is for Flowers - If you know me you'll know that I really love fresh flowers and having them

placed throughout my house. It's great that I have a boyfriend who buys me fresh flowers often to feed this little addiction that I have.

G is for Grandparents -  The relationship that I have had with my relationship with my grandparents for the duration of my life has been vital to the person I have become. Losing my grandad 9 years ago is still something I class to be the most difficult time in my life and the majority of my favourite childhood memories were spent with them.

H is for Harry Potter - I am also part of the generation that lived through the Harry Potter phenomenon. I remember reading the books throughout high school and being totally gripped. I've popped it on my list for 2016 to reread the whole series again and I'm so excited. I also find I watch a lot of the films around this time of year too!

I is for Internet - It's crazy to believe this thing we call the internet was created when I was younger and it's been in my life since High School. It's like a major part of my life now and I sometimes wish I wasn't so dependant on it, there's so much world out there!

J is for Jordan - I couldn't bypass the letter J without mentioning Jordan I suppose.

K is for Kettle - pop it on for a brew and a couple of biscuits, best company whilst blogging :)

L is for Lush Cosmetics - Lush Cosmetics are my absolute favourite! I've been a fan since college and always look forward to trying out their new products, particularly the bathbombs which are incredible!

M is for Music - I am an absolute massive lover of Music and it literally is with me in everyday life, whether that's in my morning routine or from teaching in schools. I couldn't tell you my favourite song or genre because I have far too many!

N is for Newitt - my surname :-)

O is for Orange Chocolate - It's my absolute favourite chocolate especially this time of the year! I just want to eat mountains of it!!

P is for Pizza - A post about me wouldn't be complete without the mention of my favourite food, PIZZA. If I could eat something for the rest of my life it would be Pizza, I friggin' love it.

Q is for Quiet Time - Quiet time is something I absolutely love but don't give myself enough time for. I'm always putting far too much pressure on myself to complete my to-do list for the week and planning my dance sessions instead of forgetting I need some time for myself too.

R is for RuPauls' Drag Race - I am completely obsessed with this programme that I found on Netflix and had heard about through Twitter. It's just so funny and so inspiring to see these men talk openly about doing drag and the difficulties they occurred to be accepted for themselves and incredible talent.

S is for Sunsets - There's nothing more I find beautiful and relaxing than a sunset especially after a glorious day :)

T is for Theatre - Going to the theatre is a part of me I thoroughly enjoy doing but do not have enough funds to be able to go as much as I would have liked to. I have seen so many wonderful shows over the years and it has ensured my dream of making it never vanish ;)

U is for Underground - As in the London tube underground, I agree with Kat that these letters are one of the most difficult ones. I used to have a massive fear of the underground until around 2 years ago when I forced myself to get on the tube in London and now I really like using it!

V is for Violin - one in the long list of instruments I wish I was able to learn and play fluently (but can't sadly)

W is for Weekends - I absolutely live for the weekends, especially as Saturday is always my official day off so there's nothing better than a takeaway and movie night with Jordan every Saturday evening (obviously unless we have alternative arrangements!)

X is for Xmas - Because C was already full of something else and XMAS is the best friggin' time of the year. Despite not spending one Christmas with Jordan since we've been together I cannot wait to spend the day with my family (and not working because I refuse to otherwise be at home on my own!)

Y is for Yoga - I did Yoga as part of my university studies and used to dread going in at 9am to do yoga practice (especially after a night out) but now I'm starting to do it again and thoroughly enjoying it. It gets me very much relaxed and focused for the rest of the day.

Z is for Zoella - Despite not having the most positive opinions on Zoella these days, she is somebody who I cannot deny in being part of the inspiration in designing and writing my own blog. I always inspire to develop my content and interests thanks to her.

Coming up with 26 facts based on the alphabet is such a difficult task, at least I had a while to wait whilst I hit 300 followers on bloglovin. I recommend that everyone should do this.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for reading my blog, whoever and wherever you are in the world. Whether you comment weekly or just a silent reader, you have all had a part to play in the journey of this blog. I'm just so glad that your all here despite the posting not being so regular these days :)

So tell me something about yourself! I want to know more about my readers of the blog, drop me a random fact about you and say hello!

thanks for reading,