First of all I realise this is Halloween themed (sort of) so it's like a month too late but I didn't want to go on without mentioning this and I have been so busy and behind with my whole blogging schedule (WAHH), life is too busy for me to cope with. Anyway to the post, when I saw that I had won a Twitter Competition to win Love of Bubble's October box I knew I had to share it with you guys.

Love of Bubbles is a subscription box perfect for the lovers of bath bombs everywhere - including myself who loves a good bubble bath in the colder months. On the 1st of every month the new box is launched with a specific theme, containing 5-7 different bath products, from bath bombs, fizzers, candles, soaps etc! (sound good right!) Each of the products in your box is handpicked for the theme of the month, from all different companies across the UK. Oh and that isn't even the best part, there's no rolling subscription fee!

Now as somebody who is a massive lover of Lush Cosmetics to satisfy my needs at bathtime I had huge expectations in what Love of Bubble's had to offer me. First thing that struck me was the scents that filled my nostrils, it smelled divine and I could tell the team had taken pride in packaging their products to me. First thing I could see was the Toffee Apple candle, a scent which very much reminds me of Bonfire Nights spent watching fireworks and drinking beer. All of the products where so beautifully wrapped that I almost just wanted to leave them that way and not disturb them.

There was such a nice range of products included in my subscription box I was so excited to get into a bath and test them out!

My subscription box included the following products;

Twa Burds - Burdsof Paradise Giant Bath Bomb
Lots of Love Always - Alien Bubble Bar
Pio Soaps - Pumpkin Soap
Bubble Off - Dragon Egg Bath Bomb
Kiss Air Candles - Toffee Apple

Upon writing this post I have only tested out of the products, the Bubble Off Dragon Egg Bath Bomb which is the egg shaped product you seen shown in the images. On reading the short description provided to me in the box it was said to have a 'chocolate' scent, delicious. I knew I had to give it a go, not great for those chocolate cravings I seem to have on a regular basis. The product fizzed beautifully around my bath as it entered, filling my nostrils with the sweet, chocolatey scent. As enjoyable as it was to sit in the bath smelling chocolate, it felt like the scent and presence of the bath bomb didn't last and I quickly was sat in the clearest bath. It did feel frustrating to me but I suppose some products just don't last as long as we expect.

I'm really looking forward to trying out the other products that came along in the subscription box, especially the pumpkin soap which looks so cute! I would definitely try out the Love of Bubble's subscription box again the future, it would make an absolute great gift for a bath lover this Christmas so do definitely consider it on your list! 

Thanks to the team at Love for Bubbles for a fabulous box of treats, definitely go and show them some love on the links below!
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