As if 2016 begins next Friday, it doesn't seem like 5 minutes I was waving goodbye to 2014 and looking back on another year in my life. We're all reflecting on these past 12 months and looking ahead to how we can make 2016 'our year'. I always wonder why people are so quick to want change in their lives and use the 'New Year, New Me' as an excuse to better their lives. You can do it tomorrow, after all it's only us who have the power to change our lives.

In 12 months so much changes. Whether that's from the job we're in, the friends we have, the relationships we're in or even bigger as in where our career is heading. It's so important for us to sit and recognise the positive, the wonderful instead of fighting to change things of the past year.

I read a post called 'Celebrate You' over on Emily's blog Musings & More recently which explained how she's sat back to recognise all of the things in the past 12 months that deserve celebrating and that she wouldn't change. It's inspired to write my very own post and look back on the positive things from this year, enjoy.

So this year I developed my Dance teaching career and have absolutely loved it. I've taught Tap at Dance XChange in Birmingham, across the East Midlands with Scottish Dance Theatre, Creative Movement/Street with Rising Stars, Moving Together and Jumpstart in Leicester. I've absolutely loved all the new challenges that I have encountered and all the young people I get to work with too. I'm so excited to see what 2016 has in store for me professionally because I'm seriously ready not to work in pubs anymore and do something I'm passionate about

An absolute big part of my 2015 has been UDance. As part of my temporary role with Dance4 I was part of the UDance county platform selection panel. This meant I was on a 4 person panel selecting groups from across my county to reach the national platform of UDance, The challenge of watching so many different performances and selecting was so difficult, I really enjoyed seeing what each county had to offer too. I also volunteered as part of the national platform in Plymouth, it was an amazing weekend that I'll never forget and since they've sent me the nicest reference for future jobs

Another part of my temporary role with Dance4 was programming the MYDance Fringe Festival in Nottingham. It was such a challenging but rewarding process, especially working with so many young dance companies from across the East and West Midlands which happens on a rare occasion. This was the first dance event I had ever organised and then managed.

Me and Jordan moved in our first little home together back in June, you can read a more lengthy post about it here. I really love where we are living even though now our landlord is selling the property so we're looking for a new place at the moment (stressful situation but we're hoping to move across the road in a newly renovated house at the end of Jan/Feb). But it's definitely brought us closer as a couple and I enjoy our living situation

This year the domain 'Carpe Diem Emmie' was created in January, can't even tell you how long it took me to come up with the name. However my blog has been on the most incredible journey since, with so many opportunities coming round every week I can barely believe what's happened and keep up with it all the same. I have so many big plans for the new year, including a whole new redesign which just makes me excited as I feel like a new year needs to bring with it a revamp!

With blogging comes the opportunity to connect with new people, the most important ones have been the friendships I have created over the past 12 months. I could sit here and list them all but I've connected with so many I wouldn't know where to start. It feels good to have surrounded myself with the best supportive network in this blogosphere!

I made it my absolute must this year to give myself more 'me time' and learn how important it is to look after number one, me. When I've been completely overdoing it with my commitments between work and home life i've learnt what I do to relax and enjoy some time to myself. It's been really key to my happiness over the year and minimizing the chances for my anxiety to flare up and take over my everyday life.

I hope this has inspired you to think about the little achievements you've made over the year and to share them with me and your readers too! Here's to 2016 and what a great year that's just lurking around the corner for us to enjoy!

thanks for reading,