I can't believe 2016 is upon us, quite frankly I'm already counting the days down until next Christmas. I've worked throughout the festive season so when this post goes live i'll be heading off to Northern Ireland, having a week away with my boyfriend for New Year with his friends and family so just to say happy new year folks!

Only recently I was wondering how to round up the year on my blog, after all 2015 was the beginning of the blog and it's been an amazing year that I am so proud of. I saw this great post from the lovely Megan from Thumbelina Lillie so I thought why not be inspired by this and write one myself. I hope you'll agree that some of these posts are the best I have produced over the past 12 months and you'll enjoy re-reading them too!

phew! that was harder than I thought and actually picking one favourite blog post from each month was really difficult. It's so great looking back and I am so excited for 2016 to begin and to see what it has in store for this blog.

Lastly I want to take this opportunity to thank you, the readers whether your new or you've returned on a regular basis during 2015 to see what I have written. It wouldn't be possible without your interest to continue developing the content that I enjoy writing and sharing with you! I've absolutely loved reading your comments, it makes my day whether my phone buzzes and it's a notification that a comment has been left. You've took your time to read something that's took a lot of thought, planning and time so I do really appreciate that. I really do hope that wherever you are in the world (please tell me in the comments) you've had an absolutely fabulous Christmas and wish you all the best for 2016, let's make it a blooming good year shall we?

lots of love to you all!

thanks for reading,