With most of the hours in my day being spent rushing around between my jobs in my local pub and as a dance teacher or when I am home rushing around to eat dinner and do blogging or admin stuff there's nothing more than I crave then a good bath. Plus having a hot bath whilst it's been so windy outside recently makes me feel SO cosy inside and also totally helps me sleep better. I thought why not tell you all about my little bathtime routine, winter style! 

Now one of the first things that I do before having a bath is set out and decide on what products I wish to use for the bath, it builds on my excitement and stops me realising I've forgotten something once I am in the bath. I always struggle to decide whether I want to read a book or watch some YouTube whilst in the bath, I guess it's because I just want to make the most of pure chill out time before going to bed.

Whilst I'm running the bath I light one of the many candles outside the bathroom near my desk space to use. I decided for today's bath I was going to choose the Primark Bamboo & Jasmine scented candle from their home range which I have had for a while now. It was an absolute bargain of around £3 and just smells divine. It is just me that really thinks Primark has an awesome home range to offer? Anyway it's just a really light, relaxing scent that's perfect for this time of year. I just hope I can buy myself another one once it's ran out!

Now if you follow me on Instagram (@carpediememmie if you haven't, nice plug in right there!) you'll know I absolutely love using Lush Cosmetic products. Their Christmas range is always my absolute favourite and so I knew with it being the winter edition they'd slip into a post somewhere this time of the year. For this bath I decided to go towards my absolute favourite Christmas product, The Luxury Lush Pud which is the perfect product for when you need to unwind after a hectic week of working. The bathbomb fills your bath with a whole host of colours, as you'll see in the picture below and it smells AMAZING!! It contains Lavender Oil which is great for relaxing as well as being sweetly perfumed and warmed by a product called Benzoin Resinoid which helps to deeply cleanse and sooth your skin, ease your muscles and leave an lingering scent of vanilla and balsamic aroma after your baths complete.

Now onto the shower/bath gel. This month I have been absolutely loving the products from my Baylis and Harding 12 Days of Christmas advent calender which my boyfriend treated me to. However my winter bathtime routine would not be complete without the next product being used. Who doesn't know alllll about Lush's Snow Fairy. It smells of candyfloss and leaves your body feeling cleansed and fresh for hours. I absolutely love this product too because you don't have to use lots to get the foam needed to clean your whole body, it tends to last me ages which is an absolute must with shower/bath products! I always say I need to stock up with more of this product every year but I definitely never seem to remember.

Now onto the most important part after washing your hair and when you suddenly realise how good your smelling after using the Lush products.. what to do to relax. If I'm not reading my current read which happens to be All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven which I am really enjoying. My reading motivation has been really bad over the past few months so I have seeked shelter in watching an awful lot of Vlogmas on YouTube. I spend most of my days scheduling some Vlogmas catch up and it's absolutely perfect for my bathtime routine! I'm especially loving Zoella and The Michalaks vlogs who seem to have the BEST vlogs this month so definitely check them out.

AH this post has made me want to jump into a bath and relive this routine once again, maybe tomorrow? Please tell me about your bathtime routines, it's essential this time of year! 

thanks for reading,