Did you know that Galentine's Day and Internet Friends Day both bell on 13th February, nope neither did I until I saw Twitter go into a massive collection of love for our fellow internet friends last Saturday (and I forgot to do it myself). It's not a official date but still it's cool to celebrate our friends, and any opportunity to do that should be embraced right? As a blogger i'm not shy of meeting friends online and sometimes it's nice to sit and reflect on that experience. AND also give lots of love to my internet friends, because they're awesome.

Unlike a lot of people in my generation I didn't have a group of girl friends that I grew up with and did all of the 'cool' things that friends do together. I've always had the friends that are there as my go-to's for a good moan, some of them you know will give you their time and have a bottle of wine at the ready, and those people who allow me to have in depth conversations about whatever we feel like talking about. I've always been ok with having friends from different points of my life and I do love them all equally and couldn't be without them.

Since my blogging journey began early last year I've created so many friendships with some of the most wonderful individuals. From a bunch of local bloggers who have become just like family (KirstySam, Hannah) of who I try and spend some time with on a regular basis to a big group of friends that are awesome and amazing individually. I feel like we've shared some really tough and amazing moments in our life with this bunch, not feeling like I have to worry about being judged and like I have my own little squad to support me.

I also have friends who live in London, especially Ali who whenever I'm around I can grab for a quick cup of tea and a catch up she's there. Ali is somebody I consider from a follow on Twitter nearly a year ago practically a best friend, she is there whenever I need her and feel like she's my soul sister.

There's also people like Amy, Paige, Rosie who I talk to on a regular basis and of who I would love to hang out with (along with so many) over the course of this year.

I've also met some wonderful people I've only come to really know from 140 characters on their tweets at events, feeling like you can just slot into a conversation without hesitation.

The majority of my 5,500+ followers on Twitter are also fellow bloggers who send a tweet to encourage you to feel better or send you their best wishes if your having a crappy day. For someone like me who battled with making friends at school and spent a lot of time being bullied, creating friendships was something that terrified me but finally I feel extremely happy to have people I can call my friends. We're all from all walks of lives, in different careers or at different points in our life in it together because we write blogs. We write about things that inspire and motivate us to be a little spark of something on the internet, for that I'm truly grateful.

Having internet friends is the coolest thing ever. 

thanks for reading,