So my first two years of blogging, well officially as Carpe Diem Emmie and my god isn't there tons I have learnt over the last 24 months. I haven't been the blogger that posts 3/4 times a week or the person that gets tons of opportunities but I have been a blogger which has enjoyed the whole process. Processing everything I have learnt over these past 2 years, handing on my own advice onto others is so much fun.

So here's what I've learnt.. 

1. You'll tell yourself you will blog 3 times a week regularly but then you realise that brings with it a lot of pressure and your content is affected along the way. You'll find a way of enjoying what you produce taking your time.

2. You'll use every bit of your mobile data allowance to check your social media and post something. You don't want to miss a THING in the blogging world, especially if drama occurs. 

3. There will always be a lot of people who are way more successful with their blogging than you. But then you'll realise your successful at something else instead and you'll realise it's not a competition. 

4. Every blogger on the planet loves Liz Earle and MAC products, you won't really give a damn. 

5. Pinterest will become your best friend when you realise how much it holds for inspiration and tools for your blog. You'll wonder how you lasted these last 12 months without realising it existed.

6. There is nothing that feels better than when somebody gives their time to leave a comment on something you've wrote. It's just lovely.

7. There's always new opportunities available everyday. But you'll have a breakdown when you have shit WIFI or no data because it's important you read your inbox on a regular basis. 

8. The only real people that can understand your life are fellow blogging friends. It's always the best when your able to finally put a face to that person you've been tweeting for a while. 

9. When you have a day off you'll cram it full of scheduling tweets, a blogger chat, taking blog pictures, writing... the list is endless. It doesn't really become a day off. 

10. You'll discover some great friends from the blogosphere that become like a family and you'll want to just chat to them all day. 

11. You'll see the same product review around 20 times over, just know you can make your post an original. 

12. It's all about the PHOTOS. your words won't mean a thing if they don't have the best flatlay or clear photograph to best represent that post. And how do we do it? we lighten them to the absolute most. 

13. There are some absolute idiots that sit alongside us on the internet. That's just life. Your still a brilliant person with an amazing blog and you shouldn't let them get you or your blogging mojo down! 

14. Getting your own domain and being self-hosted is the best decision you'll make to develop your blog.

15. But then there's the task of having a catchy, great blog title so people want to read your amazing stuff (and something you won't get bored of further down the life, also remember to make it professional)

16. HTML is so hard to understand, you'll get it at your own space.

17. Everybody is going to have an opinion of you. The only opinions that matter are of those of your friends and family. When your not being yourself and you've done something wrong, it's probably because you have. Those idiots? fuck them and drink that glass of prosecco! 

18. Companies will email you on a regular basis to write a post on their new product or campaign. But they won't let you test the product for yourself, oh no they won't they'll just send you some press release that'll mean nothing to you and your readers. just no. So basically do nothing for the hell of some views for their company. 

19. You'll learn some amazing new skills, whether that's HTML or how to take a cracking Instagram picture. These skills are important so embrace those beauties. 

20. The pace of the blogging world moves so quickly that you'll have absolutely no idea what your doing from one day to another. 

21. There is a whole generation (yes a whole generation) who have possibly never bought a magazine in their life, let alone visited that magazine's website. They're growing up in a world where they only read blogs and watch YouTube videos on a regular basis, that's just insane. 

22. Having a blog will be one of the best decisions you've ever made. Even if it's not written on in the next 5 years, it's an amazing archive of this chapter in your life and isn't that just cool anyway? 

23. But there will be moments when it brings along with it negativity or in my case somebody actually copying my content onto their own blog. You'll just want to unplug, but the good things will always outweigh the bad. 

Is there anything you learnt in your first year of blogging?

thanks for reading,