I feel like many months of feeling like Loughborough was going down the pan for places to eat, in recent months more independant cafes and restaurants are starting to emerge, well needed for a town which has a pretty impressive and well known university within it's area. So when I was invited to try out Meet Burger recently I knew I had to get myself involved. Only being a 10 minute car journey from where I live this restaurant is in perfect location for me for date night. 

Meet Burger is hidden away down Clay Pipe Jitty (off Swan Street) and has the most contemporary facing restaurant I have ever seen. With large square window doors and windows you can see right into the restaurant and what it has to offer before you've even walked in. The restaurant itself was empty on our arrival, but seeing as we attended on a Monday evening I wasn’t particularly surprised. It’s one of the quietest evenings of the week for this trade. I wasn’t worried it was their food and service that let them down. My absolute favourite thing about this restaurant was its interior with something to grasp your attention at every corner, whether that’s the large mural for Jurassic Park or the light fixtures which had toy figures attached to them, including a power ranger! It felt like the most comfortable restaurant to sit in and there was even a projector playing Toy Story throughout our dining experience too, I think Jordan enjoyed it as he was engrossed and our conversation at the table was quieter than usual. The staff were also very welcoming and engaging in conversation with us from the moment we walked in, making us feel very comfortable in their restaurant. Now onto the part your all waiting for, the food.

I had seen a lot of products Meet Burger provided through their Instagram and all of it looked so tasty so choosing the final burger out of 8 that are available was a definite challenge. Being a huge fan of Brie I opted for the Meet Burger which felt like a signature burger of theirs on the menu whilst Jordan opted for the Down and Dirty! We wanted to give this the best of our experience so we opted to try two of the fries they had and the mozerella sticks. The food quantity is out of this world, if you have a big appetite then this place is definitely for you! It smelt amazing and was so hard not to dive in before not taking a few snaps for this post and all social media (obviously!)

My taste buds couldn’t quite believe how bloody good the food was! Quite messy but bloody delicious, the burger was cooked to perfection and was complimented well by the brie and onions. The sweet potato fries were my absolute favourite, they tasted amazing! They were very crispy and seasoned to perfection. We both felt a little let down by the homemade chips, some of them tasted undercooked so we didn’t enjoy these as much as we would have liked. The mozzarella sticks definitely needed a good dip into Tomato Ketchup to help their taste, but so good. Afterwards we felt practically stuffed from all the goodness but we couldn’t leave this place without trying their desserts so we went with their brownie, oh my it was delicious! SO moist and chocolately!

So if you are after a place for great burgers at reasonable prices with an amazing range of sides and desserts to go with that then MeetBurger is definitely the place for you! They also have a great range of local and well known beers! Definitely go and check it out, it’ll leave you full to the brim and satisfied. Me and Jordan can’t wait to spend a future date night at the restaurant!

You can read more about them on their website, here

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Disclaimer: This is a restaurant review. Dinner for me and a +1 was offered in exchange for an honest review on my blog. As always, all opinions and photographs are my own. I definitely recommend this place!