Revolucion De Cuba was without a doubt one of the blogging events that stuck out as one of my favourites of 2015 so when I was re invited to test out their new menu, I obviously said yes. Revolucion De Cuba is situated on Market Street, up the road from the Old Market Square. Therefore becoming a perfectly situated venue for all of your Cuban needs. You can read about my last visit here

The venue is always buzzing with a wide range of cocktails, delicious food and the space to dance your night away to the cuban music echoed across the venue. They are currently launching a tapas feast, what sits better with a date night? The new menu sounded great so let's get down to the food.

A night at Revolucion De Cuba wouldn't be complete without testing out some of their rum so we arrived just in time. We were delighted that the guy who gave us rum tasting last time was leading this session, his knowledge on the drink is impressive and teaches you all you need to know. The evenings rum of choice was Appleton Estate which by being instructed how to drink the rum (yes taught how to really enjoy a glass of rum) was an absolute delight and tasted very caramel like, yummy. Now onto the main event, the Cubanisto banquet..

I decided to take a seat with my fellow blogging friend, Sherry who's partner happily kept each other occupied with conversation whilst we talked blogging, elephant cups and taking pictures in complete peace. As the food began to move it's way around the room the head chef told us all about the products we'd be sampling (though some of it was very difficult to hear from the back). 

Without a doubt all of the food smelled delicious. There are a whole host of different products to choose from the menu and we got a sample of a 3 course meal.

My favourite starter was surprisingly the sardines which had such a salty but pleasant taste that I would happily give them another go. The deep fried cauliflower was disappointing, it was practically tasteless and felt very bland compared to the sardines which were full of flavour. 

However if it's a main course that your after then Revolucion De Cuba definitely have that available with their new menu. Packed with flavour and portion generosity from burritos to burgers. The menu has something for everything. My favourite was definitely the burrito dish complete with nachos and salsa, their flavours so perfect to accompany a cocktail or two. I would definitely recommend their Ruby Punch cocktail which comes in a elephant shaped mug, such a refreshing and fruity filled cocktail. DELICIOUS. 

Get yourself down to Revolucion De Cuba for your next date night with your partner or friends, you won't be disappointed by their lovely team and stuff on offer! Thanks again for having me again!

thanks for reading,
Disclaimer: I was invited to the evening of trying Revolucion De Cuba's Latin Inspired Cantina Menu in Nottingham in return for this post to be published. The photos are credited to the photographer but all views are mine.