Mother’s Day is the perfect day to do something special for your mum and since I moved out of home last June spending time with my mum is more important and rare. I won’t be spending my Mother’s Day on Sunday with my mum because as usual employment calls and I need to earn the dollar. We plan to spend Wednesday evening together with dinner though so it’s not all that bad.

So with the help of IWOOT I thought I would tell you about the perfect pamper evening I would plan for my mum, because which girl doesn’t enjoy a decent pamper evening?

     Grab all of the food essentials (and a bottle of prosecco?)
     Because no decent pamper evening isn’t without the food (more like crisps and chocolate, no diet and healthy eating around here) and prosecco to go with it? It’s so important to stock up on all the goodies!

     Decide on a DVD to watch
     Me and my mum both share an interest for Musicals so I am sure that our evening will consist of a good Musical DVD or something new which has just been released (in our case Suffragette, it’s a really good film if you haven’t checked it out already)

     Have a hot bubble bath
     I’m loving a lot of the Baylis and Harding products in recent months so I would use these to create the perfect bathtime. I know my mum has been really excited by the new bath in our new home so I would light some candles and allow her to relax in the bath

     Cook Dinner (or order a takeaway) 
     Whilst my mum would be relaxing in the bath I would ring the local takeaway or cook us a delicious dinner ready for afterwards.

           Watch a DVD, paint our nails
      Now it’s time to curl up on the sofa with the chosen DVD, paint our nails and enjoy a good chinwag (once the DVD is over it’s time for a singalong to Adele because it’s a regular occurrence to!)

     ...and the most important part, enjoy and relax. 

      Has this got you thinking about your own pamper evening to hold for your mum this Mother’s Day?  Is there something you enjoy doing with your Mum that you think others would enjoy? Then leave your comments below, I’m all eyes! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day spent with your mum and show her how incredible she is.

thanks for reading,
Disclaimer: I worked with *IWOOT to produce this blog post from the products they sent me. I haven't been asked to mention any of the comments and the photos are my own..