Living with your boyfriend probably seems like something which is out of your conversations right now with your partner but for some that's something which is just around the corner. Initially the thought of leaving my parent's home and being with somebody 24/7 filled me with dread and nerves, I couldn't imagine leaving my little shell of home life.

10 months ago me and Jordan moved into our first home together as a couple, given it was a rented property but it's still the first house we shared together. Before Jordan, I had never lived with a partner before. The only experience I had was from uni and let's face it boys can be really messy and the experience left me nervous. Now we've been living together for a while I wanted to acknowledge the little things I've learnt along the way! I've read SO many blog posts and articles like this and wanted to bring my thoughts to the table too, I really hope you enjoy this.

1) It's okay to still want to do your own thing and have your own space
I am definitely not into the whole now we live together we must do everything together. I am somebody who enjoys and needs time alone, I'm definitely happier when I've had some time to myself and I'm less likely to become aggy, which happens often after spending long periods around people. Also he doesn't enjoy a lot of the YouTubers that I watch so it's a blessing for him really. Jordan is completely understanding that we need time apart and we've completely complimented each other.

2) Seeing your favourite person everyday is awesome
I pride myself on being that person who didn't really enjoy the company of a boyfriend everyday and didn't quite get that. But since living with Jordan I have really appreciated and absolutely loved seeing him everyday. There's no better feeling than falling asleep next to him and then waking up next to him every morning. It really helps whenever I'm not well either because Jordan knows how to chill me out and look after me which is a mega plus.

3) You will argue
No relationship comes without it's arguments/tiffs along the way and you'll probably have a few more than usual now your with one another so often. Most of our arguments stem from the housework as both of us are pretty busy individuals and it wouldn't be fair for Jordan to keep the uptake of the house going whilst I was at work so much. However it's healthy for our relationship and we'll still make up everytime.

4)  It's important for you to still have date nights
I always swore before we moved in together that myself and Jordan would still make time for a date night to happen. Whether that's going out for dinner or to do something fun together or curl up on the sofa with a film on and no phone's to distract us. I think it happens often when people live together that a routine starts to form and couples get bogged down by the boring stuff like bills. It's important to plan that 'couple time' so make sure your doing it with your loved one.

5) You'll find new things to love about them and your relationship will be cemented. 

I knew I wanted to live with Jordan from the first initial weeks of our relationship, but living together has completely reinforced everything that I love about Jordan. Whether that's the little things from fetching me a drink or ordering me my favourite pizza if I've had a rubbish day or the big gestures like supporting and encouraging everything I've done. The things you love about your partner before you live together are nothing compared to the things you'll discover once you live together.

I hope that you've enjoyed the little 5 tips and thoughts above, especially for those who are in the same situation as I was back in May last year. I've really enjoyed writing this post and talking about a big chapter in my life.

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