I think most bloggers would agree with that you can never have enough stationary, especially if your like me and your time is split between two roless, as a Teaching Assistant and Blogger. You need all of the stationary! So when the lovely team at TOAD Diaries and I got talking I knew we had to collaborate at some point. I was introduced to their products after attending the Bloggers Festival last September I was impressed with their ability to produce products that Bloggers would love (in particular as they're created to each individual).

Their site was a really easy service to use with a range of options for backgrounds and themes to suit anybody. I felt like there was still room for backgrounds to be created in the future, the decision on which background I wanted was the most difficult. I opted for a Toy Story-esque feel with my notebook. The little clouds had me reminiscing to the first scene of the Disney classic! Also the colour was perfect for any Instagram shots I wanted to take. 

The background of my diary product was even more difficult to decide as I tend to go for the Cath Kidston style products for my diaries usually. I decided on the simplistic theme of hearts and this diay would primarily be used for my blog content in 2017. (Just call me extremely organised and plus there's nothing frustrating when plans start to happen for the upcoming year and you don't have your next diary at hand to jot it down).

Both of the products are pleasant, brightly coloured and easy to carry around with you. An absolute must if the product is something you need on hand with you on a daily basis. It didn't feel like they were extra weight because they are so light so that's a massive bonus.

My notebook is used for all of my blogging needs, in particular focusing on hashtags or ideas that I may need should I hit a slump in the upcoming months. I find myself carrying it around in case I take a quick Instagram shot and want to make sure I have the best hashtags for it. (Sad I know but essential right?). As previously mentioned each product is customised to their owner and it's so nice to have another product with my blog name written on it, for complete acknowledgement that it belongs to me. The left side page is perfect for lists with a squared paper and the other lined which I use to bring to life with all sorts of colours and images.

The diary itself is a week to two pages format, with enough space dedicated to each day. A problem sometimes when you have the possibility of switching up your plans on a weekly basis. I really can't wait to have this in my bag during next year and to take to any meetings or events with me.

It was really great having these products sent to me by TOAD Diaries and I've definitely already seen the rewards from such a reliable and wonderful set of stationary goodies. I would go and check them out, they also have a really friendly team on hand if you have any questions too!

thanks for reading,
Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were gifted to me  by TOAD diaries in return for a review on my blog. All opinions and photographs are my own.