This is one of those post ideas that strikes you when you least expect it and feels genius and something to be excited about.

In fact it just got me thinking about the places in my home country I need to explore and with summer holidays just a few weeks away I just hope I can explore some of these places further. 

I'd love to share my 10 PLACES I'D LIKE TO VISIT IN THE UK with you. Some of these are places I have probably visited but haven't properly digested (or I was too young to probably remember going there) 

The inner traveller in me wants to explore these places, to find the gemstones amongst our country and share it's beauty with everybody else. 

These are in no particular order.

Rural countryside areas are my favourite places to explore, especially when they look like this! All I want to do is wander around the streets and find little coffee shops to sit and read in or for little things for some Instagram worthy snaps! The Cotswolds is such a idyllic place with rolling hills and tons of gorgeous landscapes for you to walk through.You can find Cotswolds tucked away in South Central England, amongst Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

I can imagine that this place is the perfect getaway after a long week at work or if your looking for a destination for a romantic getaway or time to switch off from the internet (us bloggers need that sometimes).

Brighton has definitely been on my places to visit in the UK for absolutely ages, especially after the growth in popularity because of famous Youtubers Zoe and Alfie living there. There's something about a English seaside town I just can't resist, whether it's the sound of the sea, the 2p machines, watching sunsets or eating Fish & Chips it just makes your experience one of the best.

I also hear it has a really popular arts scene, great shopping and festivals too! I'm so intrigued by this place so you never know if the weather is good I might have to persuade Jordan to take us!

Bath is one of those places that I reckon most people talk about visiting and it's definitely one place that was for sure going to be on my list! This is also a place where you can bathe in a naturally hot spa water and original Roman Baths, making it an absolute dream of a spa break destination and one that I would love to visit. It's definitely a perfect location for a romantic short break and I've loved exploring some of the accommodation options it has to offer.

Bath also has stunning architecture that I can't wait to capture on my camera! It's stunning! It's also in reach of Stonehenge so great location to discover and witness some UK history, which is definitely something I enjoy doing.

I have actually visited York in the past but it was a brief rest break from travelling up to Scarborough so I couldn't fully embrace the city. It is honestly such a beautiful walled city based in the Northeast of England and has a stunning 13th-century Gothic cathedral which I loved walking around when I visited, it had the best atmosphere especially in Winter time.

The best thing about York is without a doubt it's cobbled streets with different lanes and shops to discover around every corner. I just loved the atmosphere and feel of the city from the moment I arrived and it was frustrating that I didn't have enough time to really embrace the city so yeah I really would like to visit this city again!

I know this isn't in the UK but after exploring Belfast during the New Year (I wrote about it here) I definitely have wanted to explore more of Ireland and this definitely includes Dublin, and I wanted to put it on the list. Dublin is popular for it's buzzing nightlife and cultural quarter what more could you want for a weekend away with your girls?

Well just find me the perfect location for cocktails and we have a deal.

Or you could just pop me over to the home of Guinness for a pint and to see how it's done.

I really hope Jordan plans to whisk me over there when we next go to Northern Ireland I'd love it!

This is one of those pictures you look at and just wish you was there! I have loved exploring more of the Peak District recently so it's only right that I want to check out the Lake District too, JUST LOOK AT IT.

I'd love a nice big bathtub in front of a window with a landscape to die for and a glass of prosecco in my hand. Who wouldn't want that?

It has glacial ribbon lakes, rugged fell mountains and market towns that you can wander around and explore too. Just imagine all the incredible Instagram snaps and all the perfect opportunities to unwind and turn off social media whilst your here? Oh just take me there now!

Norwich feels the perfect city to unwind with your girlfriends and get some well needed retail therapy under your belt too. Norwich offers a beautiful skyline with his historical elements for you to feast your eyes on if you like exploring a bit of culture too. There's also word that Norwich Market is the largest open air market in the UK!

Norwich also has loads of culture to offer with 6 offers within the city!

Who hasn't wanted to visit Cambridge like ever?! Cambridge is famous for it's University and for their scientists. I forget it's the town where the atom was first split, where the structure of DNA was discovered and where Newton developed his theory of gravity to say the least so there's so much history to emerge yourself in.

Cambridge is a small, historic town who's town centre can only be visited on foot. However people say it's best enjoyed by going punting in a boat down the river. It also has old buildings and narrow, medieval streets for you to walk around and enjoy too. So a perfect place to discover it's history and culture whilst also being inspired by the great people that have been there too.

I would absolutely LOVE to visit Edinburgh. The capital of Scotland is buzzing with culture, nightlife, history and shopping for you to enjoy. There's also absolutely stunning views from an extinct volcano in Holyrood Park and also home to Arthur's Seat.

The last time I was in Scotland was for a family wedding on the coast so I didn't manage to experience Scotland properly so I think Edinburgh is the perfect place to experience the Scottish atmosphere. I'd also like to see how many people I can spot walking around in kilts, please let me know this is a thing.

I would love to go to Edinburgh amongst the buzz of the well known Edinburgh Festival and it's something I have wanted to go and visit for years, so I need to put it on my list. I feel like Edinburgh is a perfect weekend getaway with friends, family or romantically.

I'm going to finish off this list with a nice little seaside based location because right now we need the sunny weather represented in this image right?!

I went to Cornwall on a few occasions when I was younger but it's definitely a place I would like to rediscover. I remember it having pretty awesome Ice Cream so that's a clear winner to go and visit isn't it?

Just whisk me off so I can get topping up my healed sunburn/tan and enjoy the smell of the seaside!

Tell me about any places in the UK you'd like to visit in the comments below, there are so many gorgeous places in the UK!

thanks for reading,
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