As a big book lover it wasn't long before I would produce a post of My All Time Favourite Children's Books! It's been something I have wanted to produce on this blog for a quite while now and I've loved reading other posts like it, especially the ones from bloodyhellbrennan  and Little Miss Katy. 

Even as a adult I still love children's stories and how authors captivate the imaginations of children. It must be more difficult to produce children's stories that grasps young people, especially with the rise of technology being all around them.

Hopefully they realise like a lot of my generation there is nothing better than a fresh book from a bookshop or going into your local library for your next read.

So I decided to visit my local library to help me source out those favourite books it reminded me of all the stories I've read in years gone by and what ones have stayed with me since. Here are my favourite all time favourite children's books, in no order. I really hope this brings back some reading memories for you too.

The BFG - Roald Dahl  

Who hasn't loved any of Roald Dahl's stories in their lifetime?

There's so many and I'm always drawn to the wonderful illustrations from Quentin Blake as much as I am to the stories he has created. The illustrations throughout the book help you imagine those characters in the book.

I enjoy most of the Roald Dahl books but I definitely have a particular soft spot for The BFG.

I think he's the most interesting and wonderful character that Roald Dahl created, so yeah the feature film being released next month is something I am really excited about. Plus, he the book includes words such as snozzcumber!

Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secret - J.K.Rowling

It wouldn't be a childhood book inspired post without mentioning Harry Potter right?

After all I grew up in all the excitement of Harry Potter and don't think I've outgrown it.

Out of all the books my absolute favourite growing up was always the Chamber of Secrets. My copy at home also has my form from Year 7 which shows how long I've had the book too, nice little keepsake!

I love the whole concept of the flying car and it's the first time we meet Dobby the House Elf, who doesn't love Dobby?! It's magic just felt on a whole different level compared to the first book.

Vicky Angel - Jacqueline Wilson

It surprises me when I know some people who have never read a book by Jacqueline Wilson in their lifetime?

I always find it hard to grasp which book of hers I enjoyed the most because growing up I felt like Jacqueline captivated and wrote about stories that related to a young person somewhere out there. There was stories of losing a friend, parents divorcing and so on. These are the stories I could read over and over and still enjoy at 24 years old.

I chose Vicky Angel for this post, I thought it was one of the strongest topics to write about for a young audience and Jacqueline captured it perfectly.

Peter Pan - J M Barrie

If there's one classic I absolutely loved and still love now then it's without a shadow of a doubt it's Peter Pan.

It's the most magical story I have ever possibly read and who didn't want to fly off to Neverland and fight Captain Hook after they read this book? You'll be surprised how many people have actually never read the book and only watched the film adaptions, you need to read it.

It has everything fairies, pirates, people flying and a bit of romance tucked under there for good measure.

I feel like the book is far better than movie adaption will ever create.

I would love to hear about your all time favourite Children's books too! I think mine are very typical favourites and there's plenty in the top blog image like Charlotte's Web I enjoy just as much too!

thanks for reading,