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It's the summer and with the weather being so great recently it's the perfect opportunity to jump into our cars, roll down our windows, hit that summer playlist and make those unforgettable memories with our loved ones as well as discovering new places.

I need to learn to drive. 

This has genuinely been one of my goals for years, but it's something I am keen to get done in the next 12 months AND I would certainly encourage young people to take up the opportunity of doing, especially over the summer months.

I think the positives it gives you do outweigh the negatives of the costs. There are a lot of financial restrictions which I believe is what stops young people from getting behind the wheel.

But hopefully with today's post in collaboration with I would like to chat about the 5 reasons I should learn to drive in the hope it'll encourage more young people in learning to drive this summer.

001. Learning a new skill
The biggest thing about driving is that it definitely enables you to learn a new skill. It enables you to challenge yourself to learn skills that only driving a car provides you with. It definitely builds on your skill to focus for a long period of time and have eyes in the back of your head too! For me individually the thought of driving on motorways and roundabouts scares me so learning to drive will hopefully me more at ease.

002. It benefits your CV
The amount of jobs I have applied for in the past that have had the requirement of a driving license has been crazy! Obviously specific job roles do need your license on hand to be able to fulfil it's requirements but then I agree that this shouldn't be the one thing holding you back too. I do believe it'll open my employment options by driving.

003. Amazing road trips are there to be done!
I'd love to drive JUST for this reason. Imagine spending your weekends being spontaneous and jumping into your car with all of your friends and exploring cities around the country or just going to see those friends you haven't seen in months. Imagine when it's sunny weather and you can just jump into your car and head off to the nearest beach too!

Also my boyfriend isn't a fan of heading out at stupid am for a McDonalds cheeserburger or McFlurry so if I have my own car, my own rules right? ;)

004. You can purchase a pretty car.
I know tons of friends who loved driving so much that they saved up their money to buy a car they wanted. I would love to save up and purchase my own little Green Mini Cooper to drive around in (that's the dream anyway!)

005. It's Commitment.
But obviously having a car and being able to drive is a great opportunity to commit yourself to something and to a new challenge. It's the perfect first commitment for a young person to undertake and one that will have heaps and heaps of rewards that come with it too!

If your looking for a website that will help you learn to drive, practice your theory and book driving lessons in your local area than BookLearnPass is the website you need to check out. They are encouraging more young people to learn to drive this summer, you can head over to their website to learn more.
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Disclaimer: I was contacted by BookLearnPass to talk about the reasons I should learn to drive. We worked in collaboration for this post to be created. The photos are credited to their source but all of the written content are my own.