Favourite videos on YouTube are some of my favourite to watch. They're great if your looking for a new make up product to buy/trial or a new Netflix series to binge on now that the evenings are drawing in (yes it's starting to get dark at 8pm and I'm not happy about it!)

I had written an instalment '10 Happy Things' on this blog for quite a considerable time, however life got in the way and my consistency was flagging to the point that writing them became a chore rather than something that was enjoyable and easy to write at the end of each week. Plus I've not been feeling my blog for a while and even taken to deleting a lot of older posts because they just irritate me.

I've decided to scrap that happy things post and think about a new instalment which could take it's place on top of my monthly reads blog post which I really enjoy writing.

I thought that instead I would use my love for favourite things videos and share with you some of my favourite things from the last month, so whether that's a book, film, make up product or even something which has happened over the month.

Ban.Do 17 Month Classic Agenda 2016/17 - Lady of Leisure 
Who hasn't eyed up the Ban.Do products all over Instagram in the past and wanted to get their hands on one themselves? I couldn't resist this one that I found recently in Paperchase and I was sure going to follow the hype! I always feel like September is the best month to buy a diary for the upcoming year (it's a school thing) and having used Cath Kidston diaries religiously since university it was time to start using something new.

The pattern is gorgeous and I love the details that Ban.do have gone into with their illustrations and stickers as one of the additions inside their products. I'm already really enjoying this diary and using it for Instagram snaps as well as the important part of keeping me organised.

Naked 2 Palette.
I'm no beauty expert neither am I a beauty blogger so I tend to just try out products following on from recommendations or use stuff which I already use regularly without really blogging or talking about it. I've wanted to get my hands on a Naked 2 Palette for quite some time so when I was able to purchase one at an event recently I went ahead and got my hands on one.

I cannot stop using this as part of my daily routine and have really enjoyed experimenting with the different shades that it contains too. I really feel like this will be an essential during the Autumn and Winter for my daily make up looks.

Naked Skin Foundation Shade 3.5.
Again I'm no beauty expert but I have always had a struggle with finding the foundation that I am most confident in using. I'm always worried that the foundation will give me a orange tint and with a pretty pale skin tone this isn't at all a flattering look.

Having been advised to use this shade I have felt so much more confident about wearing foundation for once!

Sister Act The Musical.
I have been so lucky in seeing quite a few performances during August, which still more in the pipeline and there's two I would love to talk about as they've been complete highlights!

First up is Sister Act, I couldn't believe how much I loved watching this musical. It was such a feel good performance and I haven't been able to stop listening to the soundtrack since! Alexandra Burke was so bloody good as the lead character, as well as the musical containing some hilarious moments. You can read my review from the performance HERE and I would totally recommend you go and see it if you can!

Spring Awakening. 
Another great musical I saw this month was Spring Awakening. It was performed by a group of young people and they were incredible from start to finish. It was a musical that has been on my list for a considerable amount of time so I'm really glad that I was able to go and finally see it. You can read my review from that performance HERE.

5K Colour Run, Birmingham.
Except for the #EastMidsMeetUp earlier this month August has been a busy month with so many good things happening on a daily basis. One of the big highlights was the 5K Colour Run that I participated in with friends. We had a blast running/walking the course and having coloured powder thrown on us. It was just a very fun event and I am already thinking of plans to go next year with a group of bloggers to raise loads of cash for a local charity. Also it'll give me great motivation to get back into shape and that's always a winner.

Letters To My Fanny by Cherry Healey.
The looks I have been given as I've walked around with this book in my hand this month have for one been hilarious. But I cannot tell you how much I have loved reading Cherry Healey's book this month. It's the perfect sum of what every young women often thinks about but written so well that you can only applaud and glad Cherry has done it. I've enjoyed reading chapters about vagina's, heartbreak, friendships and more to the point that it's convinced me to be more open about those things with my girlfriends too. It's time for us to stop being so silent about the things we're all thinking.

I would urge any young woman to read it and I can't wait to pass this book around my friends and family to enjoy too.

Vita CoCo Coconut Water.
With Summer drawing to an end I'm trying to hold onto it as much as possible by drinking as much coconut water as possible. Vita Coco's Coconut Water has been my absolute go to drink during the hot days and it's the most refreshing product! It's not to everyone's taste buds but I'll definitely be looking forward to making it my go to drink next summer (because we all know Autumn is for the beginning of Gingerbread Lattes!)

What have you been loving this month?

I also filmed a August Favourites YouTube video, so hopefully you'll go and check that out.

thanks for reading,