I think being a stationery addict is something of a requirement when you become a blogger or for me as a full-time Teaching Assistant. I absolutely love stationery and I have a habit of buying stuff which I will probably have no use of for a couple of months, trust me I have a box full of unwritten notebooks but it's just SO PRETTY and I can't help myself. 

The beginning of September comes another academic year, which means another excuse I can use to buy even more stationery. Everybody is a winner here. With that in mind I wanted to tell you all about my recent stationery haul. 

You need to get yourself to your local The Range store because they sell some of the most stunning notebooks at such a cheap price, plus they have some really pretty stationery in their stores (always a winner). The set of 3 notebooks in the right corner of my main image are recent buys from this store and they're great for organising 3 separate areas of your life or just for throwing into your bag for some daily use.  

Also up there is my Ban.do 17 month agenda that I recently brought from Paperchase, it's the most prettiest product and I spoke about it in my August Favourites and I can't wait to make good use of it over the next year with all of the stuff I would love to plan.

It's a product which is on the pricey side but felt it was well worth it if it gets a good use out of it. It's colourful covering is enough for you to be attached to it! 

Next up is some goodies kindly gifted to me from Fabriano Boutique. It was nice to have a notebook that came with a pencil, sharpener and rubber which when your out and about it is the most practical genius idea! I'm forever loosing pens in the depths of my handbag so this is the perfect solution to that problem.

I love the dotted styled pages that comes in the Fabriano notebooks, I feel like these would make perfect bullet journals for fellow bloggers and a great place to store all of your to do lists too. They're all well constructed together, including one that came with a wallet to keep it sheltered from the English weather and it looks pretty smart and professional too. They felt like they would be notebooks that wouldn't get damaged so easily and that's important when your deciding what you'd like to use on a regular basis.

Their pencil case wrap was also a really great practical tool to carry around with you on on a daily basis and keep tucked away in your handbag! I can't wait to make full use of this as I'm always getting inspired for blog posts whilst commuting to and from work and usually leave other stationery in my locker at work so this is such a helping resource for me to have.

Onto OH DEER Stationery who create some of the most beautiful products within their range. I'm a massive fan of this flower/leaf effect they have going on in both of the bigger products I was kindly gifted. They both feel like the best autumnal feel colours so I'll be sure to put them both to good use.

The pink shaded diary has gorgeous rose gold styled lettering as well as being on the edges of the pages too. It is really well presented throughout the pages with a easy view of the week ahead for you to write down all of your plans and lists. I was also given these very cute (and very me because I've been wanting a pug dog for years) post it notes designed by Gemma Correll. If your after stationery with pugs on it then Gemma is your go to girl and she's done tons of stuff for OH DEER. Finally, the rose gold washi tape. I've always wanted to give washi tape a go within a journal but never known how I can use that product so I'm really excited to use the one from OH DEER to make my journal more colourful and exciting.

Colour coding things in my diary is something I always enjoy doing. So Staedtler is your go to if your after the perfect colourful pens, even if it's for those adult colouring books which I absolutely take full advantage of when I'm winding down at the end of a busy day at work. These triplus color pens are like I said fab for colour coding things, especially if you have mountains of things to do in your day and you want to section them. I can't wait to open them and get using them on a regular basis.

The guys over at Small Man Media also kindly sent me over some Write Size products to give a go. The brainchild of two individuals from the West Midlands recently introduced this product on Dragons Den. They have developed a range of pencils to scale for children from the age of 2-10 in an attempt to make handwriting less daunting, easier to learn and more enjoyable for young people.

I don't have children myself but I am keen to experiment with these products with young people I know to see whether they're a useful resource within their handwriting. It is definitely a fun idea!

I have absolutely loved sharing my stationery haul with you, it has definitely inspired me to do more of these in the future because having pretty stationery is always a good thing!

thanks for reading,
Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted products from Small Man Media and OH Deer Stationery in return for this blog post to be published. The photos and opinions are all my own and not influenced from the people that provided me the products.