If you've been living under a rock for the past week then you won't be aware that last Friday I had my 25th Birthday. My birthday came and went quickly as it usually does and I do feel differently. There's something about being 25, I feel more motivated than ever within my professional/blogger life and to tick off some things off my list that I've wanted to do for absolutely ages. 

I wanted to share a snippet of my birthday weekend with you. Jordan arranged for myself and him to go glamping in Lincolnshire at a little place called New Farm Holidays. We stayed in the only bell tent on site, there was 3 glamping pods too and it was surrounding a biggish lake. 

It was honestly the most relaxed, internet detox filled weekend that I have been craving since the beginning of 2016. It was so nice not having access to the internet and being drawn into the world of social media.

I am known to work extremely hard and not give myself enough time out to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. It was nice to be allowed a couple of days peace and enjoy a good book looking across the lake or even better a camp fire in the evening with wine and cheese.

The place was very out in the sticks with the nearest pub around a 30/45 minute walk away. So this place wouldn't be suited for someone who likes to make their weekends full of various activities, unless your like me and Jordan who enjoyed a few board games at the pub before dinner.

The lake itself was stunning, it was so nice to sit reading a book and watch the various dragonflies and butterflies fly around the place. I don't think I have ever seen so many! However I saw way too many huntsman spiders over the weekend than I'd ever want to see in my lifetime!

The campsite had toilet/shower facilities which really impressed me, I wasn't at all nervous about using them and the campsite has obviously been well looked after and appreciated by the other campers on site.

I didn't want to give too much away from this weekend as it's a lovely memory I would like to keep between myself and Jordan without a whole audience engagement to enjoy it too. I really had the best weekend and I am already hoping to plan another visit there and test out one of their glamping pods as they looked pretty cool.

I really hope you enjoyed this more of a photo documentation of something I've experienced.

thanks for reading,