I know it’s often that I express how lucky I am that blogging provides me with some of the best opportunities and that it allows me to test drive out the things that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to do otherwise.

When I was invited along with my blogging friend Kirstie from Behind The Scent as well a small crowd of bloggers to World Duty Free’s event at Birmingham International Airport it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

Sadly the event wasn’t us being jetted away on holiday (it was tempting to board the plane to Dubai though), much to the confusion of a lot of people I told about the event including our taxi driver. 

However, this event was just as good as going on holiday!

World Duty Free is the newly revamped duty free shopping complex within Birmingham International Airport and with a range of alcoholic, beauty and skincare products on available to you there’s something for everybody to purchase before jetting off on their holidays. 

After running a tad late to the event due to forgetting my passport (urgh) we headed off to security to get some VIP passes, allowing us to experience the airport without a boarding pass. We were quickly ushered over to a stand to have some delicious canapes and chocolate biscuits decorated with travel themed icing, nicely washed down with prosecco.

Our first pit stop was the Urban Decay stand where I was treated to a nice little makeover from the professional who advised me on foundation shades and how to use primer to say a few.. I felt like I came away with so many make up tips, I'm definitely going to put them to good ease.

We also had a chat with Harriet from HarryMakesItUp who gave us some great summer looks to try out, which were as vibrant as you expect. She was also really lovely to chat too!

Last on the list we headed over to the Jo Malone stand for a hand massage. Jo Malone is basically the bloggers dream product to have in their life, in some shape or form. Like Urban Decay the retail price regularly puts me off from purchasing any of their products. This was seen as a perfect opportunity to get to know the brand and it’s scents loads better. I opted for the fresh roses scent to be used for my hand massage because it was no doubt the most fresh and most like the other scents I wear. The hand massage was so nice and something I would definitely consider again if I passed through this World Duty Free complex.

We also were gifted some vouchers to spend on what we wished in the World Duty Free area as well as a pretty awesome goodie bag too which has tons of products I feel are far too pretty for me to use just yet! It was honestly one of my favourite events and I would totally collaborate with World Duty Free again.

thanks for reading,

Disclaimer: I was invited to the #JetSetTour organised by World Duty Free at Birmingham International Airport in return for this blog post to be published. The photos are split myself and with the World Duty Free team, all views are my own.