If your anything like me than once Friday rolls around you cannot wait for the weekend to begin. I love weekends and there's nothing better than making them ridiculously productive and getting as much done as possible in the two days you have to get shit done!

It can sometimes be really difficult to make your weekend productive, especially when you've been working in a full-time job all week and just want to spend your entire weekend in bed with movies (this surely isn't just me?)

With that in mind, here's 10 things you can do this weekend to make it a more productive/fun one!

001. Enjoy a good drink.
There's something acceptable as an adult to drink what you like after a tough day at work and since receiving this Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur it's been the perfect little drink to satisfy that need. It has such a milkshake like consistency and flavour to it that will make you attempt to drink it like a milkshake (I wouldn't advise it). I hear you can also use it in making cakes so maybe I'll give that a go with the rest of the bottle, watch out Mary Berry!

002. Movie Night.
Weekends are great for doing those things you haven't done in a while and one of them for me is just watching movies without the distraction of blogging and everything it comes with it, aka social media addiction. I have brought a couple of new films recently and I really enjoy lighting up my new Autumn like candles and turning off the lights to make a real cinema like atmosphere.

003. Order a Takeaway.
If your going to have a movie night, the perfect component is a takeaway. I'm recently loving Papa John's healthier pizza option. Yes Papa John's now do pizzas with low fat cheese as an option so there's no better excuse to enjoy more pizza! I tried their low fat cheese on my all time favourite pizza Ham and Pineapple recently and could not tell the difference, so when you next order a takeaway then definitely go for the low fat cheese option, it's so nice!

I can't wait to give more of their pizzas with low fat cheese on it a go!

004. Read a Book.
I have completely slacked on my reading challenge this year, and I'm so annoyed with myself about it. Instead of spending my afternoons with candles on and a brew in my hand as I read curled up on the sofa I have spent a lot of my time recently just sat staring into a computer screen with nothing to write, therefore wasting a lot of my weekend doing nothing.

There's so many books I want to read so I'm hoping some time away from the blog over the weekend will help me read a lot more.

005. Have a Bubble Bath.
I do these on a daily basis anyhow but there's nothing like grabbing your nearest Lush Cosmetics Bath Bomb favourite and having the most relaxing bath with some candles on the side with your book or some YT playing. I wrote about my typical bathtime routine around this time of year here
if you fancy a read after this post!

006. Do 'Some' Blog Admin.
So whether it's bulk taking pictures for Instagram or your blog, writing a couple of ideas for future content on Youtube or my blog. The weekend can be a great time to catch up on all of those things you've struggled to do during the week.

The one thing I make sure I do every weekend is schedule my tweets for the oncoming week! It's a great way for me to have a fresh start to the next week. I love experimenting with when I schedule and where is effective for me individually.

007. Plan Your Week Ahead.
I love using my recent ban.do planner purchase to get me organised during the weekend with the week before, it has been the perfect tool in getting me sorted and I've loved using it to write down scheduled blog posts too. (seeing as I have a tenancy to forget blog posts are going up so miss their chance to be promoted).

008. Tidy Your House!
There is something about tidying my house over the weekend which sets me up for the upcoming week and puts my mind in a far better place. Even though it's a time consuming task there is nothing that feels better than a nice and tidy household afterwards. Plus there's nothing more annoying than

009. Go for Coffee with Friends.
Weekends are absolutely fab for catching up with your friends, old or new. It also gives you something to drive for if you've not had the best week. I know I really benefit from a coffee or a cocktail date with my girl friends at the weekend. Also it's a good distraction from all those important jobs like cleaning your house! ;) And with Pumpkin Spiced Latte's now on sale at Starbucks you need to spend as much time consuming them as possible before they stop being sold.

010.  Turn off Social Media and Go for a Walk.
Before Monday rolls around there's something I would advise anybody to do at some point during the weekend, and that's to turn off your social media for an hour or so and go for a walk. It's really good for your mental health and also gives yourself some physical activity (which is so important to do!)

You don't have to walk or run a 5K but a 30 min exercise will do you the world of good ready to seize Monday and whatever the rest of the week brings!

Is there anything you do in your routine at the weekend?

Hope you have a good weekend! 

thanks for reading,
Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted a pizza of my choice with the Low Fat Cheese topping from PapaJohnsUK and thTequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur from TR UK to help me create this post. The photos and opinions are all my own and not influenced from the people that provided me the products.