I feel like Autumn is the perfect month for more reading to take place. With colder weather snuggling up after a long day at work with a good book, in comfy clothes and with a hot drink (preferably a Pumpkin Spiced Latte because I'm obsessed) by your side is the best thing to do in the evenings.

It came to mind that I hadn't read any books in this last month so instead of pretending like I had and like I had everything together (because right now I am more behind and unorganised than I ever have been over the duration of the year) I thought it would be good to take you through my Autumn Reading List. The books that are gathering dust on the shelves in my office and need to be loved and read, then shared with you guys.

I'm also on a big book buying ban to help me get through my bookshelf quicker.

And what's curling up with your favourite book without some cosy socks to go along with it. Chatty Feet sent me a couple to try out recently and their 'funky socks with famous personalities' are the absolute must have on a Birthday/Secret Santa list. They're full of colour, comfort and are a fun thing to have in your drawers, I am a particular fan of my Stephen Toeking pair! You can head over to www.chattyfeet.com where they have a whole host of different products, so whether you'd like couple set socks or more then I would definitely check them out!

I really want to spend more of my evenings reading books rather than with my head in the computer screen trying to write blog posts after a long day at work. Here's hoping I have a productive reading time during the Autumn season and can't wait to share my thoughts about the books with you.

So here are the books on my Autumn Reading List.

Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.
With the release of the highly anticipated film adaption of Ransom Riggs' book Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (I can't wait to watch it myself!) I'm on the second book of the series and this is the book I am currently reading. I haven't stopped thinking about the first book since I read it so I have definitely wanted to get my head into this book for a while. Also with Halloween around the corner, I feel like it's a fitting read for the month. 

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert 
Big Magic is easily the non-fiction book I have wanted to read for a considerably long time so what makes for a  more perfect time to help me feel more creative and motivated than during the colder months! I can't wait to see whether this book will help my perspective.

Girl Up by Laura Bates
Another non-fiction book that I have wanted to grab off my shelf and read is this book! If there's any book that a woman needs to during their lifetime, it's probably this and it's also perfect for the younger generation to get their hands on. This book is a way of sticking up our fingers to the sterotypes and apologising for what we do but instead to completely embrace who we are and what we do. I cannot wait to read this book and share my thoughts with you!

A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 1-3 by Lemony Snicket
I remember reading these books a very long while ago and completely becoming attached to the characters and style of writing that Lemony Snicket presented. I brought this copy of the first 3 books from a charity shop earlier this year and can't wait to read these books to help me feel the vibes of the Autumn season! 

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins 
With the release of the film adaption on the way pretty soon I don't know why I haven't read this yet, it's been gathering dust on my bookshelf for a long time, I also really enjoy a good thriller book and something different from what I usually read. I feel like the suspense of this book will need a lot of nights on the sofa to complete it! I feel like it won't be one that I will put down easily!

What are you reading this Autumn? Enjoy those colder nights with some new reads!

thanks for reading,
Disclaimer: Collaboration with Chatty Feet, product samples sent but text and photographs own. The socks are so cosy, so definitely a must during the colder months!