Now the nights are drawing in earlier I've been making the most of my evenings, trying to fit in what I can from the moment I walk in at 4.30 from work until I switch off and go sleep around 10pm.

The sleep specialists and bed retailer Bed Guru have just launched a range of hand-made bedding to fit their custom size beds and mattresses. It's so important to get some decent sleep in the colder months and to feel warm in your bedroom. I wanted to share with what I've done in my bedroom to make it more cosy this season. 

The first thing I have done this month is have a huge clear out, there's nothing better than giving your room a good de clutter and sorting out what is going to make it more cosy during the colder months. We moved into our house earlier this year and there's still so much I want to do to make it feel more cosy but with the help from a kit provided to me by Bed Guru it has really helped it have a #CosyWinterBed vibe!

One of the first things I do to get myself feeling cosy this season is by wearing comfy clothes and in particular, Cosy Thermal Socks*. I always get the coldest feet during the colder months and no matter what I do I just can't seem to warm up. These socks have extra lining to help warm up those cold toes and I am definitely going to be purchasing a couple more pairs to help me over the rest of the year.

Now when it's colder I tend to spend most of my time in my bedroom. I can't seem to stay warm whilst sat downstairs in our living room so taking camp on my bed is kind of the only option that I have left.

Instead of messing up duvets, I require the assistance of a blanket and let me tell you I have a huge collection of these. I say my excuse for so many is so that when we have guests over they can enjoy a blanket but in fact I'm just greedy and love having as many blankets on hand in case I decide to nap during the day. This Grey Fluffy Blanket* not has the perfect material to cosy up in but it's such a good size that you can wrap yourself up like a burrito and get through the colder months. Even with the help of a trusty old Hot Water Bottle* can also become an essiental in your becoming of a warm burrito.

I've wanted a hot water bottle for a while so this one is the perfect little companion.

The most important elements of feeling more cosy this winter are the requirements of fairy lights and candles. I have my fair share of collection in both objects but keeping them to a minimal can sometimes have the biggest of effects. I have placed fairy lights across my bed headboard but also just recently my mirror. These smaller Fairy Lights* added a real atmosphere to the other end of my room but also the feature of an old fireplace we have there too.

Candles again are some of my favourite things this season, and this Madagascar Vanilla Candle* is the perfect light, fresh scent that makes you relax in your bedroom. It comes in a generous size, enough for you to make it last for a considerable time.

To complete this we need a hot drink and what better than a mug of hot chocolate in a mug* , this one was quite the treat. I tend to drink hot chocolates later in the evening because caffiene after 7pm is a no go area!

I'm really enjoying turning everything off around 9pm and cosying up with everything I have in my bedroom during the colder months and the #CosyWinterBed has definitely helped me feel warmer already, especially my feet!

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Disclaimer: This post has been created in collaboration with Bed Guru, the #CosyWinterBed Campaign. The views are mine and so are the photos in this post.