I feel like now we're in October I need to seize the last 2 months of 2016 by the horns and ensure I accomplish some new goals or give myself a kick in the ass to accomplish the goals I haven't yet. 

I think with a recent bump in my confidence with this blog during August and September have resulted in me wanting to create and pursue new and exciting goals to re channel my focus and excitement. 

2016 has so far been such an incredible year for Carpe Diem Emmie with some amazing collaborations, a massive growth in following and I am finally writing the stuff that I am most excited about. I do think 2016 has been the best year for my blog even if I have had a little bump in the process. I feel like I know my niche know and what I write best. I'm relived that this is where I focus and don't find myself feeling overwhelmed by everything else. 

I've been really lucky that I have also reached a lot of the goals I already set myself for my blog, you can read my 2016 Goals post to see what I set up for myself in January. With that in mind, I want to share with you my end of year goals;

Obviously I want more exciting collaborations to come my way. I have thoughts about a 2017 revamp so I can't wait for December to roll by to begin redesigning the face of Carpe Diem Emmie for the considerable future. 

Also, I won't forget the personal goals. I need to grab some pumpkins, celebrate all the Autumn goodness and work hard in my job before Christmas rolls around and I can enjoy ridiculous amounts of food and alcohol for two weeks.

Do you have any end of year goals? 

thanks for reading,