If you're a fan of Autumn then your probably like me and feel gutted that October is over and November is here already! I don't actually know where this month has gone, I'm sad to be saying goodbye to Starbucks' Pumpkin Spiced Latte's for another year especially. However on the other hand, it's time to move onto Gingerbread Lattes and begin the countdown to Christmas. (Christmas DVD marathon at the ready?!)

I had already wrote up this post but I've somehow gained a few more favourites during this week especially that I just couldn't leave for another month to chat about, so let's get to it.

Halloween Movies are my favourite thing to watch during October and most of my downtime has been spent watching one after the other in my collection or on Netflix. I'm a big fan of the classics especially ones like Sweeney Todd and Casper. I don't think you can get through the month of October without having a good Halloween film binge so this is definitely I have took full advantage of this month.

Again what comes with Halloween for me is attempting to read something on the spectrum of being a Thriller / Crime kind of book. This month I have been reading two books in particular, I may not have completed them yet but I am really enjoying them. It's Hollow City, the second book in the Miss Peregrine series and The Innocent Killer which is a book based on the Netflix series, Making A Murderer. Both books have really got me into the vibes of October but definitely keen to read more Halloween classics next October.

I have definitely enjoyed lighting my Pumpkin scented candle from DW Home which has been serving me well over October. I haven't quite found the candle scent to match it this October and will definitely be relooking for this candle next Autumn (as I haven't found another since buying this one!). I have two beauty favourites from October, one being the colour 107 red lipstick from the Kate Moss Rimmel collection. I don't know anybody who doesn't enjoy this product over the Autumn season, it's the perfect shade and I haven't found myself reaching for anything besides this. Also another favourite of mine has been the Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette. I have reached for this product on a daily basic for a one base colour lid or a smokey eye. It lasts for most of the working day so I have been thoroughly impressed with this product.

October has also been another busy month in terms of watching productions and there have been two in particular which have helped me get in the Autumn/Halloween vibes! Firstly we started the month with Derby Theatre's production of Sweeney Todd. It was so well performed and kept me gripped from the beginning. Another is Little Shop of Horrors which I watched recently at Belgrade Theatre. It was one of my favourtie productions from the year and I haven't been able to stop listening to the soundtrack since!

Finally this month I have came to the conclusion that Primark has some of the best Autumn clothing range for an affordable price. My tartan scarf has served me well since I brought it in Derby's Primark and it's become the best replacement of my beloved red tartan scarf which I lost earlier this year. It was a bargain at £4 and is the perfect amount of snuggly material you need this time of year.

Have you loved October as much as me? What have been your favourites this month?

thanks for reading,