Back in September I wrote a blog post entitled My 10 Favourite Musicals with the idea that I would eventually tell you about the soundtracks I love too. When you haven't had a fix of a live theatre performance in a while, you need a good go to musical playlist to fill that void. I listen to the Musical playlist I have created on Spotify on a regular basis, especially when I'm writing blog posts as it seems to motivate me to get shit done.

I feel like listening to playlists are the best way to discover some potential for new favourites too. I've picked out 5 songs that I am always playing on repeat, much to the enjoyment of my boyfriend who has to sit and listen to me sing my heart out to them regularly.

01. Dreamgirls - And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going
Dreamgirls definitely has some of the most powerful vocals in it's soundtrack, especially with Jennifer Hudson in the line up too. This song is definitely one of my favourites within the soundtrack. This song is sung by Jennifer's character Effie White, a singer with the girl group The Dreams. Effie is singing to her manager, Curtis Taylor Jr whose romantic and professional relationship they have is quickly ending. It's a strong description of Effie's love for Curtis, both devoted and defiant.

This song is often considered as the show's signature tune and will give you shivers on your arms! One line in particular shows Effie's refusing to let Curtis leave her behind, and boldly announces, "I'm staying and you.. you're gonna love me".

02. Little Shop of Horrors - Suddenly Seymour
I am pretty obsessed with The Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack and one song in particular always stands out on the soundtrack, Suddenly Seymour. It is without a doubt the most emotional song out of the soundtrack and the one that pulls at your heart strings. In this part of the musical Audrey is realising her love for Seymour. I've heard a lot of versions of this song and all of them as strong as one another.

03. Wicked - Defying Gravity
If your a musical fan than this song was sure to make the list. I love everything about the Wicked soundtrack, with Dancing Through Life as a close second of songs I love. The original is sung by Idina Menzel who is up there as one of my favourite musical talents. There are also small duet parts within the song with the help from Glinda, The Good Witch of the North.

In this song it's mostly sung as a solo by Idina's character Elphaba, or as we know her the Wicked Witch of the West when she discovers that The Wizard of Oz is not the heroic figure that she believed that he would be. Despite her friends Glinda's attempts to dissuade her, Elphaha vows to do everything in her power to fight against the Wizard and his plans against the Animals of Oz. This song has a lot of dramatic effect within the show but is just full of powerful vocals and makes you want to sing along!

04. Rent - Seasons of Love
Ever since I first watched Rent this song has always stuck with me, probably because it's the first song of the musical itself. It begins with a unforgettable piano motif, which provides the harmonic framework for the cast to begin singing "Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes" (which is the number of minutes in a normal calendar year). This song is sung by the entire cast of the musical and is such a powerful start to a powerful number.

The lyrics question what the proper way is quantify the value of a human life, concluding in the chorus that the most effective means is to "measure in love". Four of the lead characters either have HIV or AIDS in this musical so the song is often associated with World Aids Day and AIDS awareness month. If you haven't listened to this song already I can guarantee that it will easily become one of your favourites.

05. Moulin Rouge - El Tango De Roxanne
I have loved the Moulin Rouge soundtrack since I can remember but my most favourite from the soundtrack has to be El Tango De Roxanne. If your looking for a song which has a lot of emotion and powerful energy behind it than this is the number! In the film it has the most stunning dance choreography with it too.

Share with me your favourite musical songs!

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